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Gippsland Bulk Spreaders takes delivery of JOST-fitted B-double

Gippsland Body Builders (GBB) specialises in tipping bodies and trailers built in both high grade steel and aluminium. It also has a lot of experience in road trains, including converter dollies, and in building Performance-Based Standards (PBS) combinations from truck and dogs to road trains for all of Australia. 

GBB was established in 1976 in Warragul, Victoria as a general body builder. The business was taken over by the founder’s son, Brian Golding, and long-time work colleague, Danny Worrall, in 1985 and now specialises in tipping bodies ranging from rigid tippers to road train spec semi-trailers in both steel and aluminium chassis tip and tip over axles.

In the late 1990s GBB teamed up with Gippsland Bulk Spreaders to build the first 19m B-double built in Victoria which was fitted with JOST equipment. And since then, GBB has continued to fit JOST’s components into its builds.

“We’ve always gotten our turntables from them for our sliding A trailers because they’re narrow and reliable,” says GBB Managing Director, Ryan Worrall. “Now they supply us with landing legs and all of our tipping cylinders from them as well. It’s been a decades-long relationship with JOST, and they’ve always been very good to deal with.”

Over 25 years after the Gippsland Bulk Spreaders B-double build and many trailers in between, Gippsland Bulk Spreaders has recently taken delivery of another B-double Step Deck combination from GBB optioned with a JOST turntable and aluminium landing legs.

“The standard point of that combination is the extra-large step that is in it, which reduces the centre of gravity for safer unloading,” Ryan says. “It’s got a hydraulic tailgate lift on the B trailer, so that the tailgate can get lifted right out of the way without getting obstructed by the load.

“In addition, it’s got a front axle lift on both trailers fitted out with the JOST aluminium landing legs for reduced tare weight. Given the extra-large step in the back trailer, it’s got smaller wheels to allow for that step which also reduces tare weight as well.”

GBB built its first innovative Step Deck trailer in 1999 for improved loading and lower centre of gravity for safer tipping. After an incredible partnership between Brian and Danny spanning three decades, the business is now owned and operated by Danny and his son, Ryan, who has more than 12 years of experience in the trade. Buying into the business in 2022, Ryan is now managing the day-to-day operations. According to him, JOST’s reputation for its reliable components is what originally caught the eye of GBB.

“They had a good name in the game, and we only put good equipment on our trailers,” he says. “They had the equipment that suited our builds. With the way our trailers are built it works well with the design, and that’s why we leaned toward JOST.”

In addition, JOST’s commitment to aftersales service has been a huge benefit to GBB and its customers.

“They’ve got great national service,” Ryan says. “Our gear goes all over Australia, and JOST has pretty much every base covered. If there’s any issues they just take care of it, which is less downtime for the operator .

“They’re always accommodating and they’re only a phone call away. They know their product really well, so if customers have any questions they’re more than happy for me to take care of it. And that way the customer gets to deal directly with the professionals.”

GBB is renowned for light tare weight trailers largely due to an aluminium chassis. Coupled with JOST aluminium landing legs, customers can achieve great tare weights for maximum payloads for increased profitability.

Focused on leading the company into the future with the family values established back in 1976 along with its first-class engineering and quality craftmanship, Ryan looks forward to what the business can achieve in the future alongside JOST.

“As I’ve said, we don’t put bad equipment on our trailers,” he says. “We won’t compromise on the integrity of our work to save a few dollars. JOST provide the quality product for a reasonable price.”

Fast fact

In 1995 Gippsland Body Builders teamed up with Gippsland Bulk Spreaders to build the first 19m B-double built in Victoria, which was fitted with JOST equipment.

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