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GLT revs up workforce with staff expansion and training focus

GLT is set to further boost the national trailer manufacturing industry with new training opportunities and plans for staff expansion on the horizon.

As part of the company’s significant evolution over the past year, GLT has committed to providing more opportunities for employees through a series of resources and opportunities which CEO, Shay Chalmers, said will lead to a swelling apprenticeship intake.

While GLT’s new Carole Park facility in Queensland has been the key to enhancing in-house operations and increased manufacturing capabilities, it has ultimately seen the business incorporate an improved vision into its processes.

The Carole Park facility, which opened just weeks ago, has been tailored for manufacturing methods that support the team’s skills and production experience and growth.

Chalmers said it is expected to set GLT’s skilled team up for success and ensure ‘innovation can skyrocket’.

“Through our new research and development team and ongoing training we’re not only ensuring those skills can grow and serve the industry but providing an opportunity for young Queenslanders to learn the craft of trailer manufacturing on the ground floor of one the nation’s newest state-of-the-art facilities,” she said.

“Our growing apprenticeship intake will focus on the next generation of skilled workers gaining a breadth of expertise with cutting edge practices that also incorporate sustainable methods yet to be embraced by many other manufacturers.”

Chalmers said 13 per cent of GLT’s 84-strong production staff are currently apprentices, with skills and areas of trade spanning boilermakers, coach builders, machinists, programmers and painters.

“Despite the trailer manufacturing industry being a $4 billion industry in Australia there isn’t a specialised trailer manufacturing apprenticeship,” she said.

“So, as part of our internal training program we’ve created a ‘super tradie’ role which is a new and ground-breaking position in our career development journey that allows our apprentices to move across different departments and hone a plethora of skills to mould them into a multi-skilled tradesperson.”

A key benefit of having all designing and manufacturing under one roof, Chalmers said, is that employees get to gain an understanding of the reasoning behind the product design.

More importantly, it means they get opportunities to work in different areas of the business – from repair work and novel product design to manufacturing customised units.

“So, the variability of skill sets that they get will set them in very good stead for their career,” Chalmers said.

To get the ball rolling, Chalmers explained GLT staff have undergone extensive training on lean manufacturing and efficiency.

Around this, GLT offers several employment opportunities to increase equality, diversity and inclusion within the company.

According to Chalmers, a pay gap audit is also underway to reduce gender pay disparities.

“Our dedication to staff goes beyond the workshop floor,” she said.

“We support our team to take advantage of paid social benefits, provide facilities to improve work-life balance, and offer diverse training opportunities such as Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices.”

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