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GLT unveils future-focused vision

In a strategic move, GLT is undergoing a major transformation.

In addition to relocating to a new facility and expanding its production capacity, GLT also aims to shape the future of trailer manufacturing.

“Our strategic expansion is a pivotal step towards the future,” said GLT CEO, Shay Chalmers.

“We intend to create even better solutions for customers by addressing the current and changing needs of industry.

“We’re entering an exciting phase that aligns with our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.”

Under Chalmers’ leadership, GLT is strategically expanding its market presence for the future. Investments in new equipment, skilled workforce, and enhancements to the production processes continue to be key priorities.

Acknowledging the evolving manufacturing landscape, Chalmers and the team are propelling GLT towards further innovation.

Chalmers’ extensive experience and global perspective contribute to collaborative efforts with customers, resulting in new and innovative products aligned with the future needs of the industry.

For GLT, sustainable manufacturing isn’t a mere vision; it’s a reality. The new era for GLT underscores a commitment to sustainability that considers the environment, its people, and its partners. The mission remains steadfast – ensuring quality and craftsmanship in every product they manufacture.

“This upcoming shift is a milestone for GLT, reinforcing our dedication to advancing as industry leaders in trailer manufacturing,” said Chalmers.

“By optimising our operations, GLT is not just embracing a new chapter of growth, innovation, and success but, more importantly, addressing the core pain areas our customers face.

“From increasing trailer payload capacity to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions, to ensuring quicker production timelines and cost savings, we are dedicated to making impactful change.”

Building on decades of industry experience, GLT is set to introduce a new core trailer range. This high-quality trailer range will feature tried-and-tested, popular combinations designed for swift delivery, cost-effectiveness and scalable fleet orders.

GLT’s increased manufacturing capacity is met with a dedication to quality and meeting diverse customer needs.

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