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Haldex – ABS Trailquip’s EBS of choice

Renowned for its reliability, durability and ease of programming, ABS Trailquip has been offering Haldex Electronic Braking System (EBS) systems to their customers for over 10 years.

Whether the ABS Trailquip team fits the system itself or offers it as part of a brake system kit to trailer manufacturers, the process of fitting and carrying out end-of-line testing always goes without any glitches. In the unlikely event an issue arises, it is usually easily corrected because of the simplicity in both the hardware and software design, and the available backup support from Haldex.

ABS Trailquip offers in-house training on the Haldex EBS fitment, troubleshooting and doing end-of-line testing. This usually takes place in groups of eight to 10 technicians and runs for one to two days. During the training the participants learn the basis of the Haldex EBS system, the various auxiliary systems that can be added to the EBS system and also get hands-on testing and troubleshooting on a trailer. By the end of the course, the participants become competent to carry out diagnostic and conducting end of line testing on their own. They are also awarded a certificate for attending the course.

Diagnostic tool kits can be purchased from ABS Trailquip. Throughout the pandemic where there have been supply chain issues across the industry, the team at ABS Trailquip have ensured they always have enough stock of EBS systems and trailer running gear, so there are no supply disruptions and no ensuant downtime for their customers.

“We pride ourselves as being able to offer our valued customers the best price and service and to this end we have highly trained engineers and sales team members, loyal to the Haldex brand and ABS Trailquip public image,” a company representative says. “We are also equipped with the latest test equipment to do ADR testing, including axle testing and brake certifications. Our team is available to chat for sales enquiries and any technical help.”

ABS Trailquip offers in-house training on the Haldex EBS fitment.

ABS Trailquip is an ISO9001 certified wholesaling and retailing truck and trailer equipment company based in Rocklea, Queensland. ABS Trailquip manufactures truck and trailer axles, air suspensions, track mass and other equipment, and also has its own in-house quality control system and is certified to supply ABS/EBS trailer installation kits and other parts that conform to Australian Design Rules (ADR) specification.

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