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HELLA joins forces with Trucking with CJ platforms

Generations of drivers have mastered the trade, piloting trucks and trailers, large and small, from our most urbanised environments to our most isolated regions.

With a focus on innovation, HELLA lighting hardware has helped these trucks and trailers safely mke their way across Australia for over 60 years.

In 1961, HELLA Australia started its first manufacturing facility outside of Germany. Shortly after, HELLA New Zealand joined forces and began manufacturing lighting destined to illuminate the sides and corners of many truck and trailer combos on our roads.

Today, HELLA continues to manufacture commercial vehicle lighting in New Zealand. It is estimated that 80 per cent of the heavy commercial trailers on our roads in Australia can be spotted at night adorned with HELLA lighting.

When it comes to passion, those in the industry love it. For many, it’s in our DNA, passed down by friends and family. However, like many professions, recruiting new members can be a challenge.

HELLA Australia has joined forces with Trucking with CJ, which shares her day-to-day work as a truckie, also focusing on road safety. Image: Hella

Enter Instagram, TikTok, and social media in general, which has found a knack for catching our attention and creating a space for people to educate and share experiences with the next generation.

Affectionally tagged CJ, Casuarina Smith has been professionally driving for over eight years, driving road trains across Australia. Uniquely, CJ took to documenting her profession using social media, sharing her day-to-day activities and focusing on road safety, not just for those driving these big rigs but for everyone sharing the roads.

HELLA Australia’s joining forces with CJ in 2024 was a match destined to align. As a brand focused on quality, education, and delivering more than just a product to market, HELLA is driving technology in an industry that, behind the scenes, is keeping our country moving. Seeing the next generation connecting with CJ’s journey and the passion shared for a genuinely amazing industry, supporting CJ with her content and reaching the next generation of professional drivers was a simple decision.

CJ recently began an exciting position with Merkanooka Haulage in Western Australia. Getting behind the wheel of a personal favourite, the T909 by Kenworth, CJ’s growth as a driver continues at pace, with an incredible variety of haulage, terrain, and exposure to the extensive operations of Merkanooka’s business.

Casuarina is passionate about her driving profession and constantly looks at ways to take her story and industry insights to the next generation. Speaking on the partnership CJ said, “Teaming with HELLA Australia helps my story reach even further.”

In addition, joining with HELLA there is an alignment and dedicated effort to help educate and create awareness around road safety, positively impacting how people interact with trucks and heavy vehicles.

Both HELLA and CJ understand that safety is not just about equipping vehicles with the right tools and technologies but also about fostering a culture of safety among drivers.

HELLA Australia and Casuarina have plenty of projects in the works for 2024. “The industry is full of amazing people, and the opportunity to work with the team at HELLA, even with their customers from within the industry, is amazing; there is so much to learn and share; I love it!”

The team can’t wait to share more of this amazing industry as we help keep Australia moving.


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