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Hino launches all-new 700 Series

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Hino, has unveiled its latest 700 series Heavy Duty range featuring a driver monitoring system as standard.

The truck features many major changes including new cab sheet metal, a new 9.0-litre engine, load sharing front axles on 8×4 models and a Hino SmartSafe safety package with the inclusion of a driver monitoring system.

The entire range is now two pedal operation with transmissions including two Allison full automatics as well as the 16 speed ZF Traxon automated manual.

All Hino 700 models now incorporate an Electronic Braking System (EBS) which integrates with the engines’ Jacob (‘Jake’) Brakes. Trucks fitted with the 13.0-litre engine also benefit from driveline braking power of up to 680kW from the four stage ZF Intarder.

The new Euro VI A09C nine-litre engine is a variant of what is available in the Hino 500 Series Wide Cab. There are two power ratings available depending upon the model and wheelbase. The 320hp has exceptionally flat power and torque curves and delivers maximum torque of 1,275 Nm between 1,100 and 1,600 rpm. It is backed by an Allison 3200 torque convertor transmission.

The more powerful 360hp versions deliver their maximum torque of 1,569Nm again in the 1,100-1,600rpm range and are connected to an Allison 4440 automatic transmission.

The 13.0-litre engine has two power ratings of 450hp/2,157Nm and 480hp/2,157Nm across the expanded engine revolution range of 1,000 to 1,500rpm.

The 8×4 models with their mechanical load sharing front suspensions are aimed at being serious contenders in the agitator, bin lift and hook lift applications, as well as tipper and beverage deliveries.

As it did with the 500 Series, Hino have moved away from the grey interior surfaces commonly found in most Japanese trucks and the new 700 Series cab interiors feature a combination of ‘earthy’ tones with carbon-fibre and silver highlights.

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