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Historic superload movement takes place in NSW

One of the biggest road movements in New South Wales’ history took place last weekend.

The second of six massive spiral cases for the Snowy Hydro Snowy 2.0 power station was transported 442 kilometres from Port Kembla to Lobs Hole in the Snowy Mountains.

The spiral case weighed 153 tonnes and spanned over 13 metres long.

Starting its journey on Friday 8 December, the convoy arrived at its destination early the following Monday morning.

It measured 63 metres long and 330 tonnes in combined weight, and required three prime movers and a specialised trailer.

In a statement online, Snowy Hydro emphasised the safety measures taken in this operation.

“Safety is our number one priority, with police escorts and support vehicles ensuring a smooth trip along the Snowy Mountains roads,” a Snowy Hydro spokesperson said.

“This monumental move is one of many in the months and years ahead, paving the way for Snowy Hydro’s cutting-edge Snowy 2.0 pumped-hydro power station at Lobs Hole.”

The Snowy 2.0 power station, according to Snowy Hydro, will underpin Australia’s secure and stable transition to a low-carbon emissions future.

The project involves linking the Tantangara and Talbingo reservoirs in NSW through 27 kilometres of tunnels and building a new underground power station.

In other news, the world’s largest coal port was recently presented with a Large Business Sustainable Leadership Award.

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