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Hydreco: a leader in the world of hydraulics

Building on its 65-year heritage and solid reputation for quality and service, Hydreco has established itself as a market leader in the world of hydraulics.

Working closely with its distributors, together with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Hydreco’s range of hoists and telescopic cylinders are expertly handpicked in Australia to suit a wide range of applications.

Its S64, S65 and recently released S66 series hydraulic hoists are designed for the most demanding applications, for use on all tipper bodies, including truck bodies and trailers.

From the initial engineering to the finished unit, Hydreco combines top-grade materials, precise component production and thorough testing to produce a high quality, dependable and economical product.

As Hydreco national sales manager Darren Kealey explained, the new S66 range was introduced last year to assist body builders and distributors. “The primary aim was to introduce sizes that were compatible with competitor’s product, therefore during aftermarket installations there is minimal rework required to the tipper bodies. This gives our distribution network a competitive stocking advantage,” he said.

Hydreco’s hoists are built using hard-chrome tubes, which prevents corrosion issues in the long-term, leading to maximum durability and an increased operational life.

The S64, S65 and S66 series feature quality Hallite and Kaden seals, designed for superior reliability; while increased overlaps provide greater stability and longer life. The use of larger diameter stages also provides an increased lifting capacity.

Being locally stocked in Australia means Hydreco customers and distributors can enjoy greater flexibility in the range of hoists that they can sell to their customers.

A case in point was with Queensland distributor for Hydreco Hydraulics, Shephard Transport Equipment (STE).

STE specialises in the manufacture of steel and aluminium tipping bodies and trailers. The business had been using Hydreco products for many years prior to becoming a distributor in 2001.

As STE hydraulics manager Steve Erfurth explained, “The long-term relationship with Hydreco gave us the ability to work closely with Australian engineers to design a range of products to suit our specific conditions.

“We’ve been able to work with Hydreco and give them forward orders on our specific hoist sizes that our customers need, and they’ve held them in stock. It gives us continuity and security of supply as well, which has been an issue in the last few years. That’s been a big advantage.”

In addition to carrying forward orders in stock for its customers and distributors, Hydreco has the ability to get special orders in promptly. “If an item is not already stocked in Australia, our lead times are just three months from the time of order,” said Darren. “That’s a big plus in this area compared to the lead times of some of our competitors.”

Hydreco has sites, distributors and installers right across Australia to support its product range. In fact, it’s had many of the same distributors for close to 25 years, which is when the brand first moved to a distributor model.

Along with these loyal distributors, Hydreco also has many loyal employees, some of which have been with the company for more than 30 years.

“Hydreco has built a long-standing reputation in the industry, and will continue to deliver exceptional quality products and great service,” Darren added.


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