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Hydreco Hydraulics announces new VA40 Hose Burst Valve (Patent Pending)

The new VA40 Hose Burst Valve from Hydreco Hydraulics has a number of unique design elements that offer improved safety, better performance and improved environmental impact.

The hose burst valve is an inline safety valve that prevents the tipper body lowering in the event of a hose rupture.

The device uses an adjustable flow dependent check valve (also known as a velocity fuse), in a patented arrangement, that is ‘de-sensitised’ by the use of a solenoid valve with a separate tank line, they work in unison to provide reliable hose burst protection.

In normal operation the valve provides faster flow rates on lowering than all other designs. An added slow lower function (separate from the tipping valve) is available by activation of the solenoid valve only.

The use of a robust coupling sleeve to connect the device to the hoist and hose, allows for the best location of ports and hoses during installation.

This safety device complies with VSB6 and to the Australian Standard AS1418.8 Section 4.4.4 and is required to be installed in accordance with the Cranes, Hoists and Winches guidelines.

Product Features

Low pressure drop

Equates to faster lower speeds under normal conditions. Equals more loads/work per day.

Flow dependent check valve

Hose burst protection, adjustable to suit individual hoist requirements. More tolerant to contamination than all other designs. Simple and reliable in operation.

Solenoid valve

For controlled safe lowering in a hose burst condition. Extra flow capacity on descent in normal operation. Ability for slow lower function.

Low flow bleed screw

For field emergency safe lowering when power not available to operate the solenoid.

Secondary tank line

Multi-purpose for faster lowering, slow lower function and safe lowering in hose burst condition. Better for the environment, zero oil spillage during safe lowering.

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