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Illuminating success

The team at Tuff Trailers – based in Crestmead, Brisbane, Queensland – have designed and engineered a variety of trailers since Denis and Nicole Di Pasquale founded the operation in 1995.

Over the years the trailer builder has developed a solid portfolio of powered steer low loaders, platform trailers, tilt slide trailers and more. Some of these can be tailored to extend or widen depending on the desired freight task and many of the options available make these Australian innovations stand out in the market – particularly the chassis lengths, axle groups and lighting and electronics.

David Dengate of the Engineering & Design Department at Tuff Trailers says Lucidity Australia has been a key lighting supplier since November 2010 when a customer purchased a 3-in-1 LED combination of lights and requested fitment to a new drop deck extendable trailer.

“We haven’t looked back,” he says. “Over the years we have utilised the large variety of Lucidity’s quality product in our trailers and have had great success. Recently we have transitioned towards utilising more of Lucidity’s expertise in system application and development.”

Lucidity Australia helps to simplify lighting and wiring installations with 100 per cent repeatable designs that are modular, versatile and adaptable.

“Predominantly we have used Lucidity’s 26011 round combination lamps, Charge Plus DC-DC chargers and custom looming for back bars and head boards,” David says. “Recently we have been using complete PnP OMP Series and specific Lucidity link components.”

Tuff Trailers invests in Lucidity lighting and wiring to provide a superior solution as well as a quality product for their customers.

“Our customers use their Tuff Trailers every day and our highest priority is to ensure they operate efficiently with safety, are easy to service and simple to diagnose” David says. “Lucidity’s systems are robust and well designed for the conditions that Australia has to offer. The Australia-wide support network is great assurance to Tuff Trailers that we know our customers always have access to spare parts and the components they need to keep their equipment performing.”

The specialised lighting, wiring and electronics that Lucidity Australia provides is backed by an aftersales support network but most importantly the business strives for solutions-based approaches. This mindset ensures a positive user and customer experience every time.

“We have always had positive feedback,” David says. “Lucidity have been a support to customers directly and through our product support team,” David says. Our customers have seen first-hand our latest electronic developments and product enhancements with Lucidity’s products. Customers have even gone to the effort to specifically request that we use their complete OMP Series on their new trailers in research and development.”

In addition to incredible service and providing quality componentry, Tuff specifies Lucidity for its integration capabilities.

“It’s the supporting network of electrical systems, visual diagnostics, compartmentalised junctions and PnP methodologies that elevate Lucidity beyond everyone else,” David says. “Lucidity Link Series, IDM Series, OMP and Charge Plus products are a game changer.”

David commends Mathew Jenkins and Andrew Francis of Lucidity for their continued assistance while co-developing products and integrating their systems.

“Matthew and Andrew are both passionate about their craft and are complete stand-outs in their field,” David says. “Lucidity’s support through R&D, manufacturing, end of line and aftersales has been beyond exceptional and we are excited to see what the future holds as we do more together.”

Fast fact

Lucidity Australia provides industry with a variety of lighting systems and products such as dolly kits, Electronic Braking System (EBS) electronics, sockets and lighting, links, LED lamps, OMP wire harnesses and other accessories.

Fast fact

Lucidity’s general electrical and wiring expertise is of great benefit to the transport industry. The Charge Plus range is ideal for protecting fridge plant batteries, while the OMP system, which allows all lighting and electrical elements of a trailer to plug into a common series of connectors, is especially handy for dangerous goods applications. Meanwhile, the Lucidity Link is a popular, durable and reliable lighting option for tippers.

Image: Tuff Trailers.

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