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Important Role Smart Tech is Playing

The trucking industry is becoming more reliant on the increasingly important role smart tech is playing in the industry.

With the Telstra 3G closure on its way and the landscape of the industry vastly changing every year, it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the benefits of the latest smart telematics and fleet management systems, says Anthony Laras, National Manager of Transport, Teletrac Navman.

Teletrac Navman’s fleet management solutions give you actionable insights to streamline your operation for faster response times, improved safety and better service.

Future-proofing on a foundation of trust 

Recently, NatRoad CEO, Warren Clark told the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), “There is no doubt that telematics has the potential to make operators’ lives easier by improving safety, efficiency and productivity.” The association says greater adoption of telematics could help the road transport industry meet the challenge of a growing freight task, as long as it’s regulated fairly and transparently. 

It’s true that a future-proofed transport business relies on clear insight into the who, what, when, where, and why of its drivers and assets to improve business outcomes – but to get the best results, it’s critical your business starts with a foundation of trust from a source you can rely on. 

100% visibility with this perfect pair

Ready to start building on your trustworthy foundation? 

When a Teletrac Navman TCA Type-Certified device is paired with the AI-powered TN360 fleet management software, which provides the information, security, and surety you need and more. It enables data from vehicles and assets to be securely communicated as key metrics such as trip distance, vehicle engine, and safety data, which are all viewed as analytics within TN360. This gives the business access to high-definition GPS tracking within maps, real-time vehicle updates, and customisable dashboards. 

With this perfect pair of telematics and fleet management software, you’ll have the visibility to ensure drivers and vehicles are operating safely and efficiently.  

Work smarter and safer – not harder

TN360 allows you to work smarter with two-way instant messaging, digital forms, and proof of delivery without waiting for drivers to report in. Plus, you can access job dispatch and work via the SmartJobs feature which leverages in-cab and mobile devices and supports popular TMS platforms such as TMW, SAP, and Oracle. 

Take the stress out of improving driver safety with our Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs) and Smart Dashcams. Teletrac Navman’s NHVR-approved EWDs are an electronic alternative to written work diaries, delivering real-time alerts with accurate fatigue break information, ensuring drivers never miss a compliance break. 

The Smart Dashcam uses forward and driver-facing cameras, telematics data and advanced onboard sensors to monitor driver performance against key safety and performance metrics. With this data at your fingertips, you can identify areas for improvement and reinforce positive driver behaviours to keep your fleet safer than ever. 

Leverage our team of specialists

The best bit? Its cost-effectiveness – the Transport Safety & Regulatory Bundle represents less than 7 per cent of a local operator’s variable costs.

For a typical interstate operator, it’s 1.8 cents per km whilst providing access to increased productivity, Smart OBM, EWDs, paperless objective evidence, AI cameras, proactive risk mitigation and the ability to manage compliance by exception.

Leverage our professional services, network of solutions specialists, customer support, and more to ensure you get even more value out of your software. 

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