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Incoming Euro VI may impact transport productivity

Australia may see a change in heavy vehicle engine regulations following the Second Revision of the Australian Design Rule (ADR).

The Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and Arts recently prepared a brief for the Government on mandating Euro VI for all new trucks, which could allow the transport industry to better prepare for the possible change.

The current Australian heavy vehicle engine emission regulation follows Euro V as the main standard, and permits the approved equivalent standards from Japan or United States to comply.

However, The Second Revision of the ADR permits trucks to be certified to the more stringent Euro VI, with the proposal to mandate all new trucks as Euro VI remaining under consideration.

The applicability dates for mandating Euro VI have not yet been determined, but will most likely be part of an early decision of the new Federal Government.

The mass increase needed to offset the productivity impact of the proposed ADR is now being looked at by the National Transport Commission.

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