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Industry welcomes cleaner emissions standards for new trucks

After years of lobbying by industry, Australia is to finally get the Euro 6 emissions standards for new trucks.

The introduction of ADR80/04 will be phased in over 12 months from November 1, 2024.

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia chief executive Todd Hacking said the announcement this week will give certainty to the heavy vehicle industry at a time when the delivery time on new orders is stretching out as long as two years.

“This is a win for industry and a win for the entire Australian community,” Hacking said.

“Prior to this year’s federal election we said we want immediate steps to support the transition to low and zero emissions heavy vehicles and this move is a great step for the government honouring those commitments.

“We thank Infrastructure Minister Catherine King and the Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen for their work that now gives our members and the broader industry the certainty they need to move forward.

“This is a vital step for Australia to keep pace with the rest of the world.

“However, there is no resting on our laurels – once this legislation is in place, we need to keep the momentum up and ensure regulations and standards also accommodate the transition to zero emissions vehicles.”

Euro 6 standards are already in place in the European Union and United Kingdom, and equivalent standards also apply in most developed countries, including the United States and Japan.

China and India have also recently adopted equivalent standards.

HVIA said that introducing Euro 6 will mean manufacturers must add the advanced safety and fuel-saving technologies to Australian models that other countries already have – notwithstandng the leadership of many manufacturers who have brought compliant powertrains and safety technologies to market, in spite of the lagging legislation.

“This will help improve safety outcomes, and contribute to our emissions reduction targets.”

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) also welcomed the new emissions commitment but wants operators to be incentivised to take it up.

“Manufacturers and dealers have been calling for this. We expected it was coming and it will give operators certainty so they will be able to plan,” said NatRoad CEO Warren Clark.

“But the federal government needs to step up to the plate and do more to make this work.

“It now needs to work with the states and incentivise operators to buy the new Euro 6 trucks.”

Clark said Euro 6 will reduce payloads of trucks by about 500kg, which would add to operating costs.

“It’s up to government to cut stamp duty and registration charges to compensate for that or owners won’t be able to make the switch from older trucks.”

Clark said NatRoad has never been opposed to Euro 6 provided the government incentivises operators to buy new trucks.

“Improving emissions standards will have a positive impact on the environment and the health of all Australians.

“It will deliver newer, safer trucks by bringing us in line with Europe and UK and encouraging manufacturers to supply the Australian market.

“We just can’t ignore the increased costs of adopting Euro 6 for heavy vehicle operators who are already under severe financial strain.”

The Australian Government’s Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics estimates introducing Euro 6 will save the Australian community $6.4 billion over 25 years from fewer premature deaths and chronic illnesses.


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