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Innovation All Round

Looking back on the truck show it was innovation all round in Brisbane, there were a few standouts on the many stands including a 660hp, Iveco debut, a MAN Range plus electric Isuzu and Volvo. Here is some more detail on those exhibits.

Apart from the, Truck of the Year Australasia winner, the Kenworth K220, the big surprise on the Paccar stand was the all-new DAF XG+, scheduled for release in 2024. This project is the biggest undertaking in DAF Trucks Australia’s history and involves combining the latest and greatest from Europe, with the power of the X15D, the next generation from Cummins.

This is what the heavier end of the DAF range has been looking for in Australia, more power. Rated at 660hp, it will be a DAF solution for the growing A-double, B-triple, and high-utilisation B-double linehaul segments. The final version will also be fitted with Airglide suspension and Meritor axles to achieve a 97t GCM.

Hot off the press after its unveiling in Japan, the Isuzu N Series EV (electric vehicle), where it was launched alongside a complete renewal of the N series and F Series just a couple of months before, the Isuzu electric N Series took pride of place on the Isuzu stand in Brisbane.

The new electric models will range from standard cab models under 3.5t GVW to wide-cab models of up to 7.5t GVW. Battery storage comes in a variety of sizes, there’s 40kWh capacity, and the larger 60kWh capacity, and the wide-cab gets up to 100kWh capacity.Innovation all round for Isuzu

The show was the Iveco S-Way (a ToYA contender) model’s first official public appearance with two models, an AS (Active Space) 550 and AT (Active Time) 460. With Euro6 (Step E) engines, Hi-Tronix AMTs and a full suite of active safety equipment, these models bring the Iveco offering bang up to date. 

Iveco also presented its latest off-road model, the T-Way, which replaces the Trakker range. Available in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×4 configurations and sharing innovations and technology with the S-Way. 

Volvo released a complete electric range at the show. The 4×2 FL can store 375kWh, with three or four batteries, and achieve a range up to 400km, and puts out 177hp. Available as a 4×2 or 6×2, the FE can also store 375kWh but with a smaller range claimed to be up to 300km, with 306hp on tap.

The electric FM comes as a 6×2 or 6×4 and the maximum capacity from six batteries is 540kWh, offering up to 300km in range. There is innovation all round with the more rugged FMX offers similar performance to the FM, and both can put out 666hp.

Top of the range is the FH Electric, also either 6×2 or 6×4, and with the same driveline available as fitted to the FM, and therefore with the same performance levels available.

The all-new MAN TG3 range (a ToYA contender) is the first newly-developed truck generation for Australia from MAN in two decades The TGL, TGM, TGS, and TGX ranges introduce a wide range of efficiency and economy features. 

The trucks on the Penske stand included the 12t GVM TGL powered by MAN’s 250hp D08 SCR-only engine, the 26t GVM TGX with 13L D26 engine, and the TGX 26.640 top of the range with the 15L 640hp engine with 26t GVM and roomy GX cab.


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