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Inside SAF-Holland’s suspension units

SAF-Holland’s Modul is a highly versatile modular suspension system for custom designed solutions from seven to 14 tonnes. With options such as a trailing arm under the axle, a cranked trailing arm over the axle, a trailing arm over the axle, and an extended suspension arm tolerance, customers are given an optimal suspension system for any transport tasks.

On the other side of the coin, the INTRA range features a lightweight, fabricated trailing arm which is rigidly connected or welded to the axle. The functional suspension arm and axle tube form an inseparable and maintenance-free unit, eliminating the need for U-bolts, clamping plates and nuts.

The shock absorber is protected due to its position in the functional suspension arm and the entire design is extremely robust and light for Performance-Based Standards (PBS) applications. Its patented Safe-Guard design of the functional suspension arm protects the brake cylinder from damage.

The INTRA also offers long-term conservation of value and functional safety through sophisticated cathodic dip coating with optimum corrosion protection. According to SAF-Holland Product Manager Asia-Pacific (APAC), Nemanja Miletic, the INTRA range is the lightest disc brake option in the market.

“It is the preferred choice for anyone looking to reduce tare weight and increase efficiency,” he says. “With a six-year or one-million-kilometre warranty on major components – bearings, 3D bushes, shocks – the INTRA series is the best return on investment for every dollar spent.”
SAF-Holland is continuously engaged in research and development to make its products more efficient, reliable and suitable for purpose-built applications with the latest iteration of the SAF INTRA range, the e-axle family.

The SAF TRAKr, SAF-Holland’s electric axle, generates additional electrical energy to lower the emissions and fuel consumption of a truck and trailer combination. The recuperated energy can be used to run the trailer refrigeration unit completely with electricity which also helps to reduce noise generated by the vehicle.

The electric axle from SAF-Holland is designed for axle loads from nine to 10 tonnes and is available with different disc brakes for 19.5 and 22.5-inch inch wheels – using a high-voltage generator module with a maximum power of 26 kilowatts.

Maintenance work on the axle is simple and cost-efficient as the drive unit does not have to be removed when uninstalling the wheel ends and wheels. The spare parts supply is also uncomplicated, as wear parts such as brake pads or brake rotors are identical to the components for the non-driven SAF-Holland axles.

Another member of the INTRA family tree, SAF-Holland’s self-steering axle is also available to the market of the transport industry. The axle has a capacity of nine tonnes and an additional weight of 136 kilos in comparison with the corresponding fixed axle.

According to SAF, advantages of the steering axle include less tyre wear, lower fuel consumption, a high level of driving comfort, optimal manoeuvrability due to precise tracking and a higher resale value of the trailer.

The unit also features a stabilisation damper providing weight optimised steering stabilisation to improve handling on both straight and winding roads. The stabilisation damper is suspended on the axle body on one side and on the steering tie rod on the other. It is either pressed (shortened) or pulled (lengthened) depending on the direction of the steering knuckles’ movement, and its unique design means that its internal spiral spring is always compressed during both movements.

As the side force decreases, the spring force proportionally increases, forcing the steering knuckles back into the straight-ahead position. The spiral spring, supported by the damper properties, is also the reason for a sturdy and flutter-free straight drive.

To make reversing possible with a self-steering axle, it has to be set rigid. With SAF self-steering axles this is achieved with an electro-pneumatic locking mechanism that can be easily controlled by the trailer Electronic Braking System (EBS) unit.

Depending on the track, spring centres and type of wheels installed, SAF self-steering axles can achieve a steering angle of up to 20 degrees.

With more than 500 retailers and 30 authorised service centres across Australia and New Zealand, SAF-Holland provides solid technical support and aftersales service.

“Our technical services and engineering team are ready to answer your calls and technical queries,” Nemanja says.

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