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Is your load to scale?

Data protection is a serious topic which seems to be ignored when it comes to truck loads and protecting the data and software.

According to Roger Sack, Managing Director of Tramanco this is a serious mistake because, many other On-Board Mass (OBM) systems are at risk of being hacked because their technology is not protected.

“You wouldn’t let a stranger drive your truck, so why let a stranger get access to your office computers via your trucks.”

As the developer of CHEK-WAY smart OBM, Roger understands the importance of OBM functionality and the risks of buying inferior products at cheaper prices. 

“With many other systems, your data and software updates are uploaded and downloaded via a mobile phone or tablet also used for browsing the internet and receiving emails. This has proven to be the simplest way to lose data and be held to ransom.” 

Tramanco, a family-owned, Brisbane-based business since 1975, specialises in the manufacture, supply, and installation of Static and OBM weighing systems. CHEK-WAY smart OBM monitors loads and daily activities of vehicles from any location in real time with data downloaded, recorded, and protected on an approved system.

The INS-COM cloud server allows access via a unique username and password where data can be viewed and downloaded but cannot be changed.

CHEK-WAY systems have proven, in-service, repeatable, accuracy within +/- 1.5 per cent or better, of the applied load.

Being software-based, as opposed to hardware-based, is also a benefit in that it can be removed and re-installed as vehicles are replaced. CHEK-WAY also has its own unique internal monitoring for accuracy, faults, and tampering and, at the same time monitors your suspensions for compliance and reports if your suspensions need repairs or CHEK-WAY requires recalibration or repair.

“You don’t need a day off the road to do an unnecessary re-calibration because with CHEK-WAY it’s a desktop operation,” Roger says. “You don’t lose productivity or nervous clients.”

Being truly made in Australia, CHEK-WAY is designed for the Australian conditions vehicles must operate in, says Roger, adding that it is compact and securely mounted inside the chassis rails to protect it from theft, damage, vandalism, and includes tamper-evident copper wired lead seals, which other cheaper systems do not do, or have.

With so many imported products on the market for such a critical aspect of transport, Roger knows, that what a truckie needs and what he gets, are often two different things, and simply asks industry members to do their homework. 

“When you buy any approved OBM system I suggest you look under the bonnet to see what is missing, regardless of the price.”

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