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Isuzu announces National Dealer of the Year 2020

The 2020 Isuzu Trucks National Dealer of the Year gong has been shared.

Isuzu Australia’s top dealers Ballarat Isuzu in regional Victoria and South West Isuzu in Bunbury, Western Australia, have been announced as joint winners.

The National Dealer of the Year award recognises the dealerships’ excellence in customer support and performance across all areas of the business including Sales, Service and Parts.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Ms Hiroko Yaguchi, congratulated Ballarat Isuzu and South West Isuzu on their outstanding efforts achieving National Dealer of the Year status.

“As we know, the Australian truck market is highly competitive, so to stay at the top requires true dedication from our team across the network – that is what these awards represent,” said Yaguchi San.

“Congratulations to all the category winners and their loyal teams for a fantastic result in 2020 and for their outstanding customer service,” she said, adding, “We have the very best people in the business, all around this great country.”

The two dealerships were also presented awards in other categories, with Ballarat Isuzu taking home Isuzu Trucks Parts Dealer of the Year and South West Isuzu awarded Isuzu Trucks Service Dealer of the Year.

Both Ballarat Isuzu and South West Isuzu have exceptional performance records, with the former achieving an extraordinary four out of five Dealer of the Year awards in the past five years, while South West has achieved the top award for two years running.

“With the exacting standards of all Isuzu Truck Dealerships around the country, it is truly an honour to be recognised as one of the best dealers in 2020,” said Ballarat Isuzu Dealer Principal, Ian Deacon.

“Everyone on the team understands why we are here – to ensure our customers get the same experience every time they deal with us, no matter who they’re dealing with, be it in the Sales, Parts or Service Departments,” said Deacon.

Accepting the award alongside Deacon was South West Isuzu Dealer Principal Darren Sprigg, who extended congratulations to Ballarat Isuzu, before thanking his own team.

“It is a real honour to be an Isuzu Truck dealer; and co-winning Dealer of the Year for two consecutive years is definitely a thrill and a great testament to my team’s efforts,” said Sprigg.

“2020 has been a challenging year for all of us; but we planned for the worst, hoped for the best and did what we could. I believe that’s what got us through to the top again in 2020,” he said. Webster Trucks in Launceston shared the crown with South West Isuzu as the joint winners for Isuzu Trucks Sales Dealer of the Year.

(Image: IAL Zone Dealer Sales Manager, Ben Lister and South West Isuzu’s Dealer Principal, Darren Sprigg).

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