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Isuzu brings new supply chain partner on board

Automotive logistics specialist, AutoNexus, has been appointed by Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) as a new supply chain partner.

Sharing mutual passion for automotive distribution, Isuzu said in a media release that it would join forces with AutoNexus to meet Australia’s insatiable appetite for commercial vehicles.

IAL National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, commented that the arrangement would bolster Isuzu’s ability to supply vehicles in a market that continues to break new ground.

“Everyone in the road transport industry appreciates the extraordinary circumstances that we’re currently operating under—from demand for transport services to labour and capital equipment, we’re seeing unprecedent activity in every aspect of the market,” he said.

“By engaging with a class-leading logistics provider, we’re ensuring we meet the appetite of the market today and build our capacity for the future,” Spaltman said.

As one of Australia’s foremost, full-service automotive logistics specialists, AutoNexus brings broad experience from the passenger and light commercial segments through to the heavy vehicle sector, coupled with a deep understanding of the pressures and complexities involved in automotive wholesale, retail and logistics.

Well-versed in working closely with local and international OEM teams, AutoNexus has a strong reputation in vehicle storage and processing, pre-delivery processes and systems integration, delivering premium fulfilment solutions.

IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison, welcomed the new partnership, which he said will help Isuzu meet increasing market demand.

“As is the case throughout many industries right now, stock availability has been a real challenge for OEMs like Isuzu Trucks,” he said.

“Supply chain issues have persisted following manufacturing delays last year, and there’s a long way to go until goods and services start moving freely around the world again as they once did,” said Harbison.

“Our new partnership with AutoNexus gives us the ability to continue to ramp up supply, especially in the light-duty, pre-bodied market segments where demand on our products is particularly high.

“AutoNexus is recognised as the market leader in premium automotive fulfilment solutions, with proven experience in elements critical to our ability to build supply chain capacity and deliver more vehicles to our dealers and customers.

“I’m extremely confident this robust partnership will work to strengthen our position within the market even further,” Harbison concluded.

AutoNexus Managing Director, Darren Bowler, said that the national automotive logistics provider was delighted to be partnering with Australia’s truck market leader.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with Isuzu Australia on their journey to provide the road transport and logistics industry with more of what they need,” said Bowler.

“Isuzu’s reputation precedes them, and we will be working to streamline supply chain efficiencies and get more Isuzu trucks from wharfs out to dealerships, assisting with meeting the market demand,” he continued.

“AutoNexus was built on delivering premium and transparent customer service, and we have disciplined processes and strong systems in place to ensure Isuzu’s customers are prioritised with first class fulfilment solutions every step of the way.”

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