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Isuzu celebrates 32 years as truck market leader

Isuzu Australia Limited has retained its position at the top of the Australian truck market.

According to the Truck Industry Council, who compiles heavy vehicles sales through its T-Mark reports, the commercial vehicle manufacturer again held onto its long time position as the leader in sales making it 32 consecutive years that it had done so.

According to IAL National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, the milestone was accomplished using a combination of astute planning and Isuzu’s formula of supporting local businesses with fit-for-purpose transport solutions.

“It’s been a notable year for our brand’s history. 32 years at the top of an extremely competitive truck market is a fantastic feat and we’re very proud of all involved,” he said.

“But we acknowledge too, it has been a challenging time for many of our customers, our dealer network and the wider trucking industry,” Spaltman continued.

“Our focus has been supporting the dealer network in safe operations and supporting essential businesses wherever we can, keeping their trucks out on the road. Although the path forward has been uncertain at times, one thing has never been clearer: we are what we do.

“We’ll reflect on our position as Australia’s truck market leader but will continue to deliver results for our customers all over the country. We’re feeling optimistic about the year ahead.”

Isuzu Trucks rounded out 2020 with 8,276 units sold, a 24 per cent share of the Australian truck market.

As a solid year for light duty truck sales, Isuzu Trucks led the way in 2020 having sold 4,353 units for a 39.5 per cent share.

In the medium-duty category, Isuzu Trucks dominated with 2,668 units sold for a 40.5 per cent share.

Sales in the heavy-duty truck segment were down across the board with Isuzu finishing in third with 1,255 untis sold in the category, which represents an 11.8 per cent share.

IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison said the commercial vehicle market had proven admirably robust despite the trying circumstances of the past 12 months.

“I would like to acknowledge the impact of the government’s economic stimulus, in particular, the instant asset write-off and accelerated depreciation measures, which we know assisted many businesses in the sector and many other industries too,” he said.

“Last year certainly brought home the need to work together as an organisation and throughout the broader road transport industry—to find new and collaborative ways of doing business,” said Harbison.

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