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Isuzu sales legend announces retirement

A revered Major Motors Isuzu truck salesman will finish up after 35 years.

Long recognised as one of the dealership’s top sales achievers, Nestor Jongko has bowed out of the job which had seen him become a staple name in the Isuzu Trucks Team Elite program where he had secured a qualifying place every year since its inception.

“Trucks are my life,” Jongko said.

“Nothing compares to the excitement of finding a solution for a customer with a product that I am proud to back,” he said.

“I know that I only have a set number of years to work, so I have tried to make full use of the years.

“I have always believed that when you join a company, you should do so with the full intention of contributing to that company’s growth and profitability.”

Joining Major Motors Isuzu in Western Australia in 1986, Jongko spent decades building customer relationships to become one of the dealership’s top sales achievers.

According to Bob Pearce, Major Motors Managing Director, Jongko’s self-motivation and enthusiasm for satisfying customer needs was apparent from his very first interview with the dealership in 1986.

“Nestor’s smile and outgoing personality have always shone through. When you asked him how he was going, the reply was always ‘sensational’,” Pearce said.

“Nestor’s contribution to the success of Major Motors over 35 years has been enormous, and my family and I will be forever grateful,” he said.

“His cheery disposition and undeniable sense of humour will be sadly missed by all, but we are pleased that he will be able to enjoy some well-earned time with his wife, Lita.”

Nestor had a ‘wish chart’ pinned to his office wall that featured things that he wanted in life and how many trucks he needed to sell to achieve that outcome.

Major Motors Sales Manager, Frank Johnston, said Jongko embodied all the qualities of a great salesperson including persistance with leads, a consultative and collaborative understanding with the team and a customer-first approach.

“Nestor is truly the most consistent person I’ve ever met,” said Johnston.

“We have engaged a new person to fill the role, which Nestor has graciously agreed to mentor for a minimum of six months,” he said.

“We will miss him dearly, but we are also excited that he will be enjoying his golden years.”

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