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JMT Civil debuts first Japanese truck

Heavy haulage machinery company, JMT Civil, has introduced a Fuso Shogun 510 into its fleet of eight conventional ‘American-style’ trucks.

The Sydney-based company also specialises in vegetation management and demolition.

JMT Civil Director, Joel Taylor, needed a new truck for jobs around metropolitan Sydney.

He needed, by his own admission, a vehicle with more than 500 horsepower for the task.

“We are very happy with our existing trucks, but there comes a time that the benefits of a model like the Shogun outweigh any negatives,” said Taylor.

“The main thing is the maneuverability of the cabover and the excellent visibility that will really help our drivers getting in and out of compact sites in the city, but the fuel efficiency of the 13-litre is also a real positive.”

With a gross combination mass (GCM) rated at 63-tonnes, Taylor said the Shogun is proving itself as a good truck for the application.

“The design and visibility really make it easier for our drivers and they love it,” he said.

According to Taylor the Shogun 510 is “considerably better” on fuel than the other trucks in the fleet when working the same type of jobs.

Fitted with a 13-litre six-cylinder OM471 engine, the Fuso Shogun 510 is the only Japanese truck that delivers 510hp and 2500Nm of torque, making it an attractive prospect for businesses like JMT Civil.

“Nobody wants to drive an underperforming vehicle, so the engine performance was really important,” said Taylor.

The engine features an asymmetric turbocharger and the latest generation common rail system with variable pressure boosting for ultimate fuel efficiency.

A standard 12-speed fully automated transmission (AMT) features the EcoRoll system, while a powerful three-stage engine braking system provides the driver with more control.

The JMT Civil Shogun 510 is being used with low loader trailers hauling various plant and machinery at around 40 to 45 tonnes GCM.

Even though the Shogun is the first Japanese truck in the JMT Civil fleet, it was still given the full visual treatment its fleet is known for with eye-catching stainless steel, scroll paint details and extra lighting.

The immaculate presentation of the JMT Civil trucks is no accident. Having built the company up from one truck eight years ago, Taylor knows the importance of appearances.

“We take great pride in the presentation of our equipment and I think customers are more likely to do business with a company that has well-presented trucks that shows they are professional,” he said.

All Shogun 510s are delivered with a distinctive black front section that only features on the 13-litre unit.

The JMT Civil Shogun was prepared by Fuso dealer Sydney Trucks and Machinery (STM).

Taylor has a long association with salesman Bruno Gerace and appreciates the team’s customer service.

All Shoguns come with a full suite of active safety features, which is especially important for trucks operating in urban environments with dense traffic and many pedestrians.

These include an Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) feature that uses camera and radar technology to automatically brake for an object or moving pedestrian in the event the driver does not respond to an audible warning. This system is standard, as is radar-based adaptive cruise control.

Active Attention Assist (AAA), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), a driver airbag, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Hill Start Assist (HSA) assistance function are also standard.

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