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JOST goes the extra mile

Traditionally, it was JOST’s standard JSK 37 series fifth wheels that it had been renowned for industry-wide. And, while the product still makes up around 80 per cent of its sales, JOST has ventured far deeper into the turntable area.

It now has a complete product offering across the board with a wide range of fifth wheels readily available in both 50mm and 90mm configurations, with grease or greaseless options, and incorporated with the latest air and sensor technologies.

From the original 37 series, JOST moved onto the JSK 42 range. This was developed with OH&S in mind to combat injuries when trying to open fifth wheels, and it features greaseless inserts, automatic greasing of the jaw (thanks to JOST’s LubeTronic), three-point sensors and air operation.

The technology in this fifth wheel was the start of what progressed into JOST’s latest innovation, KKS – the fully automatic coupling that debuted into the Australian market at last year’s Brisbane Truck Show and which shows just how far JOST has come.

JOST is also advancing further in its Heavy Duty series, with the JSK 38 and JSK 39 series 90mm fifth wheels. The 38 series has the advantage of being able to swap a 50mm jaw to a 90mm jaw, which comes in handy for operators using trailers for different applications as it saves replacing the casting or changing fifth wheels.

JOST JSK 52 fifth wheel. Image: JOST Australia.

In addition, JOST has the mining industry covered with the large JSK 52s and then the JSK 54s which it claims is the only fifth wheel in Australia with a four-inch pin.

JOST also offers customers a greaseless casting (standard or sensor) with grease steel inserts for all applications, which can be changed from grease to greaseless when required.

By fitting it, customers can avoid wearing castings out and then having to replace the fifth wheel. It is also cheaper to replace just the steel inserts than the entire casting once worn or if a miss alignment damages the top face.

Jaw life on a dedicated combination is also improved with every greaseless fifth wheel casting as they are supplied with LubeTronic. The self-lubricating system dispenses controlled amounts of grease continuously to the jaw and king pin, ensuring that there is no over greasing which could cause contamination to the environment.

Aside from the product, JOST has always had a major commitment to fleets in terms of understanding their applications and needs. Now, though, it is focusing on working closer with these transport companies to ensure that they receive the service, backup and training that is required.

“A key part of JOST’s ability to be trusted and preferred in the market is the service training that we go out and push,” says JOST National Fleet Manager, Shane Harbridge. “The customer service side is a big part of the business, as well as the driver training, workshop training and the parts interpreter training. We try and get all three aspects of the business so that everybody completely understands our products.”

By doing this, JOST can help its customers specify the right product for the right application.

“If we’re putting new equipment into fleets, we’ll find out when that equipment is going in there and we will go in to do the training to make sure they know how to use it,” Shane says. “We have a variety of fifth wheels, but the standard isn’t the standard. We need to ensure that when people are spec’ing a vehicle, we ask the specific questions on the application because some fifth wheels aren’t suited for certain applications. We want to ensure that we are a part of that fleet, and that we do give the best possible option for the application that they’re putting the vehicle into.”

The same dedication is carried over to truck and trailer OEMs, where JOST will work with them on the first install. If these companies have a JOST product which they have never fitted before, JOST’s engineering department will work with theirs to ensure it can give them ample information and guidance to ensure safe and compliant installations.

“We have a commitment to the industry to ensure that we train and have people understanding the product, because that’s a big part of the issue – people not understanding the product properly,” Shane says. “So, with all the technology and everything that goes out there, we want to make sure that we train so that the workshops know how to maintain it and the drivers know how to use it.”

In the long-term, this assures the end user that they will get the most life out of their fifth wheels.

“We’ve had a lot of good feedback and appreciation of how much work we do put into it – the training that we provide, the information that we supply, the advantages and sometimes the honesty of saying, ‘This isn’t going to work for you’,” Shane says. “We would prefer to ensure that we have the right equipment in the right application. We’re not there just to sell. We’re there to provide a service to the market to have the correct equipment.”

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