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Kamilaroi Highway to boost heavy vehicle freight

Australia’s world-leading Performance Based Standard (PBS) scheme is allowing heavy vehicles to drive along the Kamilaroi Highway, which is expected to save operators at least an hour on their routes.

The new method for assessing rail level crossings will enhance safety and productivity, as longer and more productive heavy vehicles will now be able to use the Kamilaroi Highway in their travels.

This means Australia’s heavy vehicle industry will be able to match the right vehicles to the right tasks, while bringing other long-term benefits to the equation such as significant savings when assessing the need to upgrade existing rail level crossings.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Sam Farraway, said the highway is now open to 30-metre PBS Level 2B vehicles, better connecting the state’s agricultural land to domestic and international markets.

“Up until now, two rail level crossings at Werris Creek and Curlewis prohibited access to 26 to 30-metre-long heavy vehicles along this route, adding 50 kilometres to the journey,” he said.

“These two rail level crossings were the only thing standing in the way of end-to-end access for safer, more efficient and sustainable heavy vehicles.”

Farraway said that by allowing longer, more productive heavy vehicles on the key route – without compromising on safety, means there will be less heavy vehicles on the road.

“It is an opportunity to innovate with vehicle design and road management to greatly enhance productivity, improve safety performance while minimising impacts on the environment and road infrastructure,” he said.

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