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Keeping it cool with ATR

Being the largest independent service provider for cold chain logistics in South Australia, Advanced Transport Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning (ATR) is an iconic name within the Adelaide transport market.

Since its beginning 17 years ago, ATR geared up to become the one-stop shop for all transport automotive needs in the Adelaide market. It did achieve that feat many years ago and today a diverse range of freight distribution businesses in South Australia don’t go beyond ATR for all their refrigerated and automotive needs.

“We offer the complete package to customers,” says Michael Walsh, Managing Director of ATR. “We have capabilities to build customised body solutions and carry out fabrication repairs. We also specialise in the installation of refrigeration units to suit individual requirements and provide complete service and repairs. With a dedicated fleet of service vehicles we can also cater to off-site servicing for large fleets and small operators. There is nothing we can’t fix or repair. We also supply and install vehicle GPS tracking software.”

Adelaide-based cold and specialised transport provider Iannace Refrigerated Transport’s Managing Director, Angelo Iannace, switched to ATR over four years back and has been impressed with ATR’s professional service and technical expertise ever since. “We buy fridges from them, they do repairs and maintenance on our refrigerated boxes, and everything in between,” Angelo says. “Now when we go look for a new vehicle, we just buy the cab chassis and then get it straight to Michael. He knows exactly what to do with it.”

With a fleet of around 30 refrigerated trucks and vans, Iannace Transport runs specialised food distribution across the Adelaide metropolitan and surrounding areas. “ATR offers service support 24 hours. If we have a breakdown on a weekend, they’re there to fix it straightaway. They’re a truly customer driven organisation,” Angelo says. “I like dealing with a bloke who stands behind his product and Michael clearly does. He stands behind the brand.”

ATR is proud to be the SA service and repair agent for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning. It also offers complete service fleet maintenance solutions, specialising in ThermoKing and Carrier diesel units, off-engine truck and van refrigeration units, and repair and diagnosis of auto electrical parts.

ATR offers its own brand of refrigerated vehicle bodies suitable for anything from Utes and two-pallet vehicles to 14 pallet trucks and custom bodies. Designed and installed by its in-house team, the ATR Polar Plus refrigerated bodies range is fit for transporting fresh, frozen and deep-frozen cargo.

Matthew Draper, who is the Founder and Managing Director of Deliver It Group, has been using the ATR Polar Plus bodies for his specialised and refrigerated transport business. Polar Plus bodies deliver maximum efficiency owing to their quality build, light weight material, and thermal efficiency even in demanding conditions where the vehicle has to make multiple stops during delivery.

Like Iannace, when the team at Deliver It Group get a new truck, they take it to ATR to manage all the refrigeration fit outs and other electrical works. “We’ve been with ATR for six years and have been very happy with them,” Matthew says. “Their refrigeration units and bodies are of the highest quality and the most reliable we’ve ever purchased. We have around 10 refrigerated units including two and three pallet trucks from ATR. They also have multiple other offerings like auto electrical, front and rear cameras, spotlights and all other electrical parts, which works out perfect for our fleet.”

The RAA-approved repairer workshop is run by a team of experienced and well-trained technicians with a safety-first approach. “The team behind ATR is very professional and their dedication to excellence is unmatched,” Matthew adds. “Michael and his team are truly dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They make sure all our 35 plus vehicles stay on the road. Whatever the issue is we can be sure that Michael’s team will get our fleet back up and running because delivering perishable cargo to supermarkets and hospitality venues we can’t afford any downtime. We just have to give him a call and they get around to the job the same day, which is fantastic. It’s exactly what we need.”

ATR rental fleet
What sets apart ATR from its competitors is not only the variety of services it provides, but also its large refrigerated rental fleet. It has over 20 vehicles ranging from small vans to large trucks and trailers.

“We consider ourselves the ambulance service of cold chain and logistics and do possibly everything to support customers and their operations,” Michael says. “We have a wide range of core customers and are proud to support different businesses in running efficient fleets no matter how big or small. Customer service truly is at the heart of our operations.”

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