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Kickstarting Growth With a TMS

TGR Transport has been in the game since 2009 and hasn’t been slow when it comes to kickstarting growth with a TMS. Through strategic growth and a focus on technology, innovation and efficiency, it quickly secured itself as a primary contractor to major grain traders in Australia.

The nationwide freight company established by Managing Director, Tom Allen is a family-owned and operated business specialising in bulk grain transport alongside agricultural machinery transport.

“I had a real passion for trucking, and I started to notice a demand for paddock trucks during grain harvest. I saw an opportunity to better utilise my father’s farm truck, and it grew from there,” Tom says.

The business now includes a fleet of trucks with a range of trailers to move bulk grain, hay, straw and oversized machinery, as well as supplying pilot vehicles and container sales.

“We aim to become more efficient using high productivity vehicles (HPVs), such as A-Doubles, not just with grain, hay, and general freight. We have been one of the first companies in the area to start using these, which means we can transport more grain per load for our customers.”

Gearing up for the next level

Until 2016, TGR Transport had an entirely manual process for their workflow and paperwork. Drivers completed run sheets and kept hard copies of paperwork that were gathered at the end of the week and collated into a spreadsheet and manual invoices were created and sent from Xero.

“Obviously, with a manual process, human error was a factor. There was also the challenge of dealing with subcontractors and chasing paperwork. It was inefficient and sucking up time and growing the business was difficult,” said TGR Transport Operations Manager Amy Throckmorton.

On the recommendation of their accounting team, they discovered MyTrucking—a transport management software designed to assist small to medium transport operators with job management workflow.

With MyTrucking, TGR Transport gets real-time information directly from drivers. Photos of paperwork are attached to each job to ensure the accuracy of information entered by drivers.

It’s created a perfectly streamlined process where everything is as simple as the push of a button. They get greater job visibility and traceability along with the benefits of a highly automated system that reduces input time, error rate and paperwork. It’s given the TGR team the confidence to take on more work and grow the business while knowing the paperwork side of things is taken care of.

“I now have all the information on my jobs available at any time. The information from the drivers is updated immediately and there is no chance of losing track of anything. It’s very easy to repeat old jobs and duplicate current jobs,” Amy says.

The ability to press one button and populate an invoice directly to Xero is invaluable to TGR Transport, as has been the ongoing support from MyTrucking to ensure they got it up and running properly and was being used to its potential.

“My business has grown hugely, there is plenty of work available and now we are running MyTrucking, we can confidently take on the work knowing we can manage it all easily. It would have taken many more staff to cope with the increased workload otherwise,” Tom says.

Keen to discover more about MyTrucking? Book a demo or take advantage of a two-week free trial.


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