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Land earmarked for freight terminal operations in Melbourne’s north

A long-awaited freight terminal in Melbourne’s northern suburbs is one step closer to being realised thanks to Federal Government-owned National Intermodal Corporation exercising an option to acquire land.

The 1,100-hectare parcel has been identified as a suitable site for the Beveridge Intermodal Freight Terminal (BIFT) which will connect to Inland Rail on the Tottenham-to-Albury section.

Once developed, the site will offer double-stacked services for 1800-metre freight trains to Perth and, upon completion of Inland Rail, to Brisbane.

Early planning is looking at ways to support potential interstate rail services at Beveridge as soon as possible, with full terminal and precinct warehouse operations expected by 2028/29. The precinct will also see upgrades to key road corridors.

Moorebank Intermodal Company CEO, James Baulderstone, said acquiring the land at Beveridge was an important milestone in the development of Melbourne’s modern, efficient intermodal terminals.

National Intermodal is also pushing the project forward by teeing-up large-scale support. It’s announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Aurizon, Australia’s largest freight operator, as the foundation customer for the pending terminal.

Meanwhile the City of Whittlesea is celebrating the news. It has been advocating to both Federal and State governments for funding, keen to see the plans get the green light.

Council Chair Administrator, Lydia Wilson, said the project will not only provide full terminal and precinct warehouse operations, and support interstate railway services, but also contribute $3.5 billion to the economy each year and create 20,000 jobs in construction and operations.

In other news, logistics service provider, Qube, has coordinated the first shipment of lead-silver concentrate from the Abra Base Metals mine for Galena Mining to Geraldton Port.

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