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Landaco Equipment improves crop yield with BPW

When the success of your agricultural yield and the health of your soil is dependent on the accuracy of one important piece of machinery, you want to get it right.

So important are spreaders, and making sure they function as they should, around Australia farmers and accrediting bodies get together for spread tests.

“It’s a big investment for farmers,” says Landaco Equipment Sales and Marketing Manager, Matt Connor. “It is crucial to ensure the accuracy of a machine’s fertiliser spreading capability, as it has a direct impact on crop yield and growth performance. A reliable fertiliser spreader is a must-have for all Australian farmers.”

Spreaders are used to disperse materials such as fertiliser, seed and manure on agricultural fields and come in a variety of sizes and types, depending on the material being spread and the size of the field. 

It’s also a competitive market, with big claims being thrown around, hence the need to put spreaders to the test. Combine this with both customer and market pressure, and you have a situation your business model depends on – having the best parts from the best suppliers. This is where BPW Transpec comes in, by providing Landaco with the exact axles they need. The company has been providing parts and equipment – including axles and suspension systems – to the transport, mining and agricultural industries for more than 65 years.

Matt says Landaco has been dealing with BPW Transpec for many years, and having its name attached to his axles goes a long way. 

“Not only does this ensure that we have a strong axle that is going to last the lifetime of the spreader, but it is also an excellent choice in terms of reputation because it is such an incredible Australian name,” he says.

Matt is a third-generation family member to be a part of Landaco, which was started by his grandfather, helping local customers with their spreading needs. When Matt’s father Peter joined the business, he moved it towards the area of spreader contracting. 

“He was spreading for a lot of clients all around the Riverina, from granulated fertilizer to manures,” Matt says. “Peter dedicated considerable time and effort to observing the task performed by the spreaders and identifying areas for improvement. His unwavering commitment led to significant advancements in the Landaco product, as he constantly sought ways to enhance its performance and functionality.”

The last decade has seen Landaco heavily focus on the accuracy of granular products, simply because of the expense involved in not just the machinery, but the product they spread as well. Landaco’s attention to detail has paid off.

“We’ve seen huge demand for our product,” Matt says. “We are constantly distributing machines across the country, not only delivering our products but also spreading awareness of our brand. The impact of word-of-mouth has been tremendous, as positive stories about us circulate among neighbours and online circles, resulting in a significant upsurge in our reputation. It’s heart-warming to hear these anecdotes from satisfied customers, as they reinforce our commitment to excellence.”

For Matt personally, when he joined the family business, BPW Transpec gave him the knowledge and support he needed. 

“The sales guys at BPW were able to help me get my head around their offering, and that has continued on,” he says. “We build machines for small scale farms all the way up to huge corporate farms, so that means we need different axles for each different series of spreader.”

Matt says he sees the relationship going from strength to strength, even in a changing market. 

“We’ve always been able to bounce ideas off each other in terms of nailing down the right axle to suit a machine,” he says. “It’s about constantly adapting to the market, so we can be ahead of everyone else.”

Fast fact

The very first axles were likely made from wood or stone and were used to support wheels on carts and chariots. The invention of the axle made it possible to transport goods and people over long distances much more easily and efficiently.

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