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Left with nowhere to park at some NSW roadhouses

Finding a parking space for heavy vehicles at many roadhouses is a big problem for drivers.

Especially with the penalties drivers face if they are deemed to have broken strict fatigue laws.

One area of concern is at some roadhouses off the Newell Highway in NSW.

“You get there on what is a scheduled fatigue break time and find that there are no parking spaces. Often there are road trains, B-doubles and even triples there,” one driver said.

Another driver agreed with that and said it ensured he had to move on to find another place to park.

“That can often put you in breach of the laws and where do we go?” he said.

He pointed out there were distance and time monitoring cameras in place.

Yet another said some of the roadhouses along that route were built in the 1970s when there were a lot less heavy vehicles.

“They were mostly singles then and they haven’t been upgraded to move with the times,” he said.


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