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Licensing reform and infrastructure update: VTA State Conference 2024

At State Conference 2024, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Carol Brown, provided an update on licensing reform and infrastructure renewal.

Brown addressed attendees via video, stating that this year’s State Conference program combines the Future Freight Landscapes theme with updates on ongoing challenges the Australian Government is working towards overcoming.

Brown reported that Austroads, with representatives from Australian and New Zealand transport agencies, has continued developing plans for the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework.

Among the changes being considered, she said, is a new progression of pathways for licensing based on experience – allowing drivers to obtain higher license classes more rapidly.

“We want a workforce who is fulfilled and rewarded,” Brown said.

“All jurisdictions have now accepted and reformed the principle, and Austroads will continue to engage with industry to deliver this reform.”

The Australian Government is also trialling fair ways to fund Australia’s roads under the National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot (NHVCP).

Brown said it wants to ensure that there is a system which is sustainable and works for those who can use it.

“We’re currently partnering with business operators to install telematics devices to test how a distance-based charging system may work,” she said.

“The Pilot captures data on the changing configurations and mass for vehicles and generates mock invoices to show participants how they would fare under return to distance based challenges.

“Then, with this feedback, we’ll have the evidence to make informed decisions.”

In addition, Brown also provided an update on the Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Steering Committee during her presentation.

“My remarks to the last year’s conference included an update on our election commitment to providing an additional $80 million for a total of $140 million to new upgraded heavy vehicle rest areas, with the support of a steering committee of truckies and industry representatives chaired by Senator Glenn Sterle,” she said.

“This year, I’m pleased to say this is moving ahead with funding approved for the first four projects including road surface sealing and the installation of green reflectors up to 35 informal rest areas.”

Brown said State Conference 2024 serves as a crucial forum for industry leaders, experts and stakeholders to collaboratively navigate the future freight landscapes.

“By understanding these issues, encouraged by technology, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, businesses in the transport sector cannot only survive but thrive in an era of transformation.”

In other news, opening State Conference 2024, Victorian Transport Association CEO, Peter Anderson, addressed attendees on the way the transport industry can be better at what it does.

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