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Life is a Struggle

It is a fact of life that for just about everybody involved in the trucking industry, life is a struggle, and this is not a complaint or negative comment. This is just a statement of fact.

It is purely within the nature of the road transport industry that there will be difficulties which cannot be predicted in the execution of a freight task, simply due to the complexity of the factors which are involved in getting a particular tonnage of goods from point A to point B at a particular time, and at a particular weight.

It’s almost like the rules of physics, which are irrefutable, that to transport some goods from one place to another will always throw up issues which cannot be predicted in advance. Therefore, the old Scout’s motto of ‘Be Prepared’ is always going to be useful for anyone running any kind of logistics operation when it comes to the freight of goods to any location,

This means that, basically, whenever a person is organising to move some freight from one location to another, there will be issues and those issues will seem insurmountable, but always will be surmountable with some form of ingenuity.

This is what differentiates the trucking industry from many of the other industries involved in our economy, and that is its ability to improvise. There cannot be a set way of doing a particular task. Quite often, the most obvious solution is not the most effective or productive one. 

An individual within a transport operation who can come up with a solution which will be a faster, more productive and more efficient solution will always be a success. There are plenty of new ideas to be found, to unravel the conundrum which is moving freight from one place to another.

This is one of the beauties of the road transport industry and may well be one of the factors which keeps people continuing to work in an industry, which they will often complain about, and say that it does not give them anything back and takes away their time and their energy.

People who make these sort of statements are also the ones who will spend too much time, and work way too many hours, to make sure that a particular consignment makes it to it to its eventual destination on time and in one piece.

If there is any definition of the philosophy behind the operations, which make up the bulk of the road transport industry, it is simply getting the goods to the final destination in the best possible condition and in the shortest possible time.

It sounds simple, but it isn’t. There is so much, which goes into just performing, what would appear to be, from the outside, a relatively simple act, but for anybody who has worked for any amount of time in the trucking industry, they will realise that there is so much that goes into achieving this simple task, that only those who take on board the entire culture around road transport will ever get to achieve the best results and also get the satisfaction of achieving those results.


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