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Light at the end of the tunnel

For Lucidity, innovation and improvement are more than aspirations – they’re the values that drive its team forward. Many of Lucidity’s products are designed and manufactured in Australia by its in-house engineering team, meaning it is constantly tailoring to the Australian customer needs while maintaining and enhancing safety throughout their vehicles, on and off the road.

Lucidity President, Mathew Jenkins, explains that the company’s point of difference comes from its commitment and outstanding effort towards the product.

“From an aftermarket perspective we put a lot more work into producing the product itself,” he says.

“We like to make them have a bit of a unique Lucidity signature about them. We always tend to make sure that there’s some chrome or stainless steel that attracts the eye and dresses the truck up, and we try to follow or create the trends that are in the aftermarket for the truck dress up market.

“A lot of that comes in from the States or Europe and depending on the type of truck that you’ve got, it really doesn’t always suit the look the Australian consumer is going for. Some do, but there are a vast variety of styles that people like and their trucks are really important to them. That’s why it’s important that we stay ahead of the curve in development.”

Mathew explains that when he and the team start a new product development, they look for a specific application and ensure that the product will fit it correctly.

“Normally when we start a new product development, we find a specific application,” he says.
“We make sure that our product fits the same footprint in a truck and we try to make them easier to fit if you’re looking to dress up your truck. So, if you’re looking to add more lamps, it doesn’t look out of place and it’s not difficult to fit.

“For example, our LED Cab Marker Lamp is a product that’s built to make your truck stand out, yet we try to make sure it’s easy to fit. This cab marker lamp connects directly to Kenworth factory wiring and fits the hole pattern already present in the newer models’ roof.”

Fast fact
Lucidity has developed a wire harness process that, according to the company, is possible the only one of its type in the world. This process allows them to deliver a more reliable robust product on time at a very competitive price.

Learn more about part 22416.

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