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Line of duty

QuickSilver is the ultimate state-of-the-art industrial strength UHMW-PE continuous liner for truck and trailer combinations. Generally used in end tippers, side tippers and for quick-release applications, the floor liner eliminates a number of problems for operators.

QuickSilver ensures trucks are tough, safe and productive all at once. According to E-Plas, it is a proven industry performer across several sectors including bulk handling, mining, minerals, agriculture, grain and transport.

QuickSilver’s material was designed and engineered specifically for intense applications, evident with its superior toughness and durability. E-Plas claims it can haul and tip any material with ease in any climate or environment, acting as a great long-term investment for fleets.

E-Plas National Technical Sales Specialist, Rupin Joshi, says the idea behind QuickSilver was to provide better flow promotion in tipping applications.

“There are three stages for tippers when releasing a product,” he says. “What initially used to happen with aluminium bodies is the product would be released at the third stage of elevation, which is the highest end for the tipper, and the operator would have to brake hard for the product to actually come out of the tipper itself.”

With QuickSilver, the product is released in the first stage, or in stage two at the most, without the need for hard braking.

“So, if you’ve got a truck standing on soft ground, it’s a big OH&S positive that you know your combination isn’t going to turn over and that you’re not going to have any workplace injuries,” Rupin says.

QuickSilver increases the lifetime of a product by preventing corrosion. In the case where a unit may be carting iron ore with moisture in it, for example, it will prevent any sort of rust in the truck from developing which could then damage the body.

“It helps the truck improve its life, because it’s not actually corroding on the body itself,” Rupin says. “It’s a liner that sits on top of the body. So, once the liner is worn out, you can pull it out and put a new one in again.”

QuickSilver also reduces downtime and expenses, which is particularly seen in instances where a truck isn’t cleared out properly due to the product sticking.

“If you have a truck going from point A to point B and there’s anything stuck in the product, the residual material, known as carryback, can end up costing the business in terms of profits,” Rupin says. “If you haven’t cleared your truck completely and there’s still some residue in there, the next time you fill it you’re losing space and therefore payload.”

As a result, this also increases the risk of injuries for businesses who will need to spend more time cleaning their truck out manually.

Image: E-Plas.

In applications that are not mobile – TIVAR 88-2’s specialty – productivity is also increased as operators are able to send more product through their hoppers.

Sticky bulk materials such as coal, bauxite, synthetic gypsum, sand, iron, fly ash, clay, overburden and others require a slippery surface. TIVAR 88 and TIVAR 88-2, distributed in Australia by E-Plas, have a low coefficient of friction (COF) that permits such materials to move freely and discharge without hang-up.

TIVAR 88 and 88-2 have been recognised as premium, top-tier lining grades for over 40 years. Catered towards non-moving equipment such as hoppers, liners and shoots, they still hold their position.

TIVAR 88-2 is a grade of UHMW-PE and can be fabricated and welded to provide a solution for nearly any application, including receiving hoppers, surge bins, dust collection hoppers, storage bins, vibratory feeders and dribble chutes.

TIVAR 88-2 promotes reliable bulk material flow with no moisture absorption. It is wear, chemical and corrosion resistant as well as UV resistant, which prevents premature degradation of material.

Like QuickSilver, the benefits on the OH&S side, Rupin says, are massive.

“Some hoppers and chutes are quite small in size and have limited access to them,” he says. “In some cases when hoppers have blockages, one would be required to have training and tickets like Confined Space and Working at Heights to get access to clear them up.

“Using our premium lining material, the issues of material hang up are minimised. TIVAR 88-2’s low COF prevents the product from sticking in the hopper, and hence there is very minimal to no requirement for someone to access these hoppers.”

As a result, Rupin says it is clear that QuickSilver and TIVAR 88-2 are viable products for the Australian transport industry.

“Both of the products have a can-do attitude,” he says. “You can kind of put them in any applications. Over the time that we’ve used these products in most of the applications with an abrasive product, they work. We get a good wear life out of it too.

“They’re all-rounders when you fit them. Whether it’s a dry product, whether it’s something with moisture, or whether it’s with something abrasive, they do the job.”

Fast fact

QuickSilver weighs less than steel and aluminium and outwears both. Its abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance protect the integrity of the original equipment, extending the life of a truck body. It can be fitted in less than one day and requires no ongoing maintenance.

Fast fact

QuickSilver can be fitted to a wide array of configurations, depending on individual customer requirements.

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