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Load Master builds on new Borcat deliveries

Load Master originally set up in New South Wales in 2017. Concentrating primarily on tunnels in Sydney, it has completed some of the biggest projects in the city over the last couple of years – and there’s no end in sight.

Load Master has had a relationship with Borcat since day one, and its product has been essential to the fleet’s operations.

“The very first truck we purchased had a Borcat bin on it,” says Load Master Transport Manager, Shane O’Callaghan. “Dealing with Paul and the team there, we just kept coming back for more. We just love the relationship we have with those guys – they’re contactable when you need them, so we continue to use their product.”

In the past 12 months, Load Master has taken delivery of 10 quad dogs from Borcat which were built specifically to last in their demanding operations.

“We’ve built them a little bit harder,” Shane says. “We’ve put Hardox floors in them and we set them up at 19 metres so they’re perfect for going around the city. They can also withstand the hardship of working on a tunnel project every day. That’s one of the key features of the new ones we have.”

The next batch on order, to be towed by a new set of Mercedes-Benz trucks, will include six 20-metre quin dog combinations.

“This is the first batch of quin dogs that we’re going to be taking from Borcat, and we’re excited to get them,” Shane says. “With 20-metre quin dogs, we can expect good production out of them and flexibility on where we can go.”

Dealing with Borcat for all of these trailer combinations has been flawless for Shane.

“They’re available when you need them, their price point and the quality of their work is good,” he says. “We’ve never had an issue with their work. It’s always been of a high standard, so we just continued to come back for more.

“Borcat has been able to build us trailers when nobody else could. There’s quite a strain, especially in the tipper market, for getting trailer slots and body slots. It’s been difficult, but Paul has always made time for us, and when he’s said he’s going to deliver on a certain day, he’s pretty well done it.”

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