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Local manufacturing for durability and performance: Scully RSV

Scully RSV, a full-service manufacturer, servicing, sales and hire organisation has consistently been building on its refrigerated transport solutions which fully cater to frozen, chilled and ambient temperatures.

For three decades, it has constantly tweaked its services to be able to offer an impressive end solution, demonstrating its commitment to industry.

Originating in Brisbane, Scully RSV provides essential transport services Australia wide through key locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The company manufactures vehicles of superior workmanship ranging from utes to trucks with up to 14 pallet capacities and it also offers a premium fleet of trailers for hire. As a result, customers can access a range of fleet options such as short- and long-term hire solutions, alongside new and used truck sales, all around the country.

Scully RSV has become accustomed to building refrigerated trucks using industry-leading OEMs, giving customers the latest in technology, innovation, safety and sustainability. Scully RSV CEO, Andrew McKenzie, says this, as well as taking customer feedback on board, has allowed the company to refine a process that is built to Australian conditions.

“We’ve been manufacturing refrigerated vehicles for over 30 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t from customer feedback,” he says.

Scully RSV manufactures all of its units in Brisbane. It only uses Australian suppliers for its fridge panels, and its vehicles are built with reinforcements that make them more durable for the conditions they operate in.

“We don’t use imported fridge panels as they simply don’t stand up to the Australian conditions,” Andrew says. “The durability of our Australian panels means we need to reinforce our manufacturing to support the structures used.”

The advantage of this, Andrew explains, is that Scully RSV’s fridge bodies tend to last much longer and withstand more wear and tear.

“The benefits of a Scully RSV fridge body over imported solutions includes greater thermal performance, reinforced panels that reduce lateral forces when travelling over long Australian distances, galvanised steel to protect against corrosion and additional reinforcements in flooring for greater longevity and durability,” he says.

Scully RSV’s refrigerated bodies and vehicles are manufactured either to custom or standard fleet specifications. The product development process sees its fridge bodies and vehicles feature heavily across the logistics, dairy, meat and food sectors – with customisable options across bodies and doors. Andrew says the options are endless for Scully RSV manufacturing no matter the refrigerated application.

“Due to the intensity of the environment that we operate in, our materials are reinforced, providing greater durability in Australian conditions,” he says. “UV, heat, temperature, humidity and the extensive wear and tear from the long distances on Australian roads, are why our fridge body range is growing exponentially.”

Image: Scully RSV.

Scully RSV has seen a huge demand for refrigerated bodies in the last six months. As a result, the company has directly invested in its own safety solutions, such as SafetyCulture, which uses QR codes to its advantage in pre-start inspections. Scully RSV’s partnership with Inauro also gives customers access to GPS, temperature data and driver behaviour. Inauro seamlessly integrates with a wide range of technology systems across Scully RSV’s customer base.

Last year, Scully RSV also opened a new Queensland facility in Rocklea to further grow its network.

“In 2023 we ramped up our manufacturing capacity even further, following our move into our new production facility at Rocklea in Brisbane,” Andrew says. “Our new 1,200-square-metre manufacturing facility now gives us triple the capacity and the ability to add new products with relative ease.”

Ahead of its unveiling, Andrew claimed the facility would be “state-of-the-art for rigid body manufacturing” in Australia and it proved to be true by taking Scully RSV’s total rigid body output to 60 units a month. The Rocklea location houses a full production line and equipment obtained from the Scully RSV’s exposure and relationships with the biggest trailer manufacturers in Australia and Europe.

Now, Scully RSV has a national branch network coast to coast, with key logistics hubs and a dominating presence all of Australia’s main capital cities – led by industry leaders like Andrew who understand refrigerated transport.

“The industry has really been calling out for someone to take the lead in refrigerated rigid body manufacturing”, Andrew says, “and Scully RSV is perfectly positioned to do that.”

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