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LSM announces release date for new vehicle safety system

The LSM Sentinel VSS Vehicle Safety System release date has been announced.

Slated for Q1 of 2023, LSM Technologies this week confirmed that its world-first patent pending total vehicle safety system would be available to Australian industries but wouldn’t be restricted to them.

In a media release the technology supplier said that the new system will also be available for export to international markets.

The system connects all of the safety mitigation controls to a single Central Logic Controller (CLC) and in-cabin display, enabling the easy deployment of the full range of LSM technologies and safety controls — including LSM EnviroCab, TyreGuard, RadarSense, CabSense, AccessID, DriverView and RollStop.

The singular in-cabin display provides important alerts to the driver, while the CLC records, stores and remotely sends real-time data and alerts back-to-base using the LSM FSM Fleet Safety Manager and tracking telematics online system.

While being a proactive approach to enhancing Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), the product according to LSM combats several issues experienced by alternative options in the market.

“Over recent years, various vehicle safety mitigation controls have been offered in the market, such as unauthorised access, anti- rollaway, proximity detection and camera systems,” it said in the media release.

“However, these devices also come with multiple and separate electronic controls and an array of multiple and separate in-cabin displays, and this can cause additional distraction risks for Drivers/Operators.”

LSM said it has also combatted the problem of finding a place to locate the system inside the cabin, an issue at present for many other options that feature multiple devices and displays.

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