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Lubecore makes its return to Australian shores

Automated lubrication systems supplier, Lubecore, has returned to the Australian market through its new master dealer Lubecore Australia.

After years spent working side by side at Equipment Direct International (EDI), Shane Chestnut and Ben Patrick have established Lubecore Australia in Yatala, Queensland.

This comes after they signed a contract to become the master dealer in Australia for all Lubecore Inc. products, which are fully Canadian manufactured.

The signing of this agreement makes Australia the eighth country outside of Canada with a Lubecore presence.

“The presence of Lubecore in Australia dropped by the wayside during Covid, when it became really hard to bring the product into the country,” explained Ben. “But now Lubecore is back. We’ve got the rights to import the Lubecore systems from Canada and set up distributorships all over the country.”

Lubecore is a family-owned Canadian company that was started in 2008 by husband and wife team Jan and Linda Eisses, who are joined by their four sons. 

In revealing the brand’s returned presence in Australia, Jan said, “We are delighted to announce that we have found committed partners in Ben Patrick and Shane Chestnut, who have invested in a master distributorship for Australia. Ben and Shane have proven successful track records, and we have full faith in their capabilities.”

He continued, “Our family is in it for the long haul with our Lubecore ‘next generation’ Automated Lubrication Systems.”

Shane and Ben both have extensive experience in the earthmoving, mining and transport industries.

Using their already broad contact database, they intend to grow a network of dealers throughout Australia to supply, service and support the next generation of automated lubrication systems throughout the country. “We’ve already appointed our first agent in south east Queensland, which is Equipment Direct International (EDI) – and we’re in contract negotiations with several other locations including Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales,” Ben said.

Lubecore’s current on-road systems include both pneumatic and modular options.

The brand’s Pneumatic Single Line 210 system enhances preventative maintenance by keeping greaseable components in excellent condition, thus ensuring safe and reliable equipment performance.

Its innovative pump design lubricates critical points such as pins, bushings, lift cylinders, and articulation joints.

Equipped with a timing system, it allows customers to adjust the system’s runtime, affecting the total grease output. The system also provides real-time electronic performance data, including exact pump pressure, low-level alarms and trigger times.

Lubecore’s Modular Progressive Automated Lubrication system is designed for versatility, so it can be used in various applications.

Its modular pump is designed for easy maintenance, allowing quick access to vital components for part replacement and repair.

Featuring a fully submergible potted timer, which is moisture and dust-proof, safeguards it from environmental factors like dust, corrosion, salt and vibration.

The timer features LED indicators for power and ground connections, aiding testing and troubleshooting; while the automatic low-level shut-off prevents the grease pump from operating when the reservoir is empty, avoiding potential issues from extended empty operation.

Both Lubecore’s pneumatic and modular lubrication systems are available with the Korilla Premium Lining – an ultra-durable, heavy-duty lining that minimises line repairs and utilises a simple connection system.

As Ben explained, “Lubecore manufactures a high quality product that’s well suited to the Australian transport, construction and mining industries. The systems are fully manufactured in Canada – and a lot of their values are very similar to Australian values.

“You might pay a little bit more for our lubrication systems but you know you’re going to get a high level of quality – and now we’re working to build a growing support network for our customers too. We’re going to provide the best possible service that we can and try to be a step ahead of the rest.”

He added, “The Lubecore product is very durable and it’s already stood the test of time in Australia, having been put to the test in some of the toughest conditions.”


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