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Lucidity introduces 22420 Series LED Cab Marker Lamps

Lucidity Australia has unveiled its latest breakthrough innovation, the 22420 Series LED Cab Marker Lamps.

Released just last week, the lamps, which Lucidity claims promise ‘unmatched quality and performance’ are now available for purchase.

One standout feature of the 22420 Series is its unique design that effectively prevents moisture and dust build-up in the lens area.

Lucidity Australia President, Mathew Jenkins, said this is a common issue with cab marker lamps which often leads to reduced visibility and premature wear.

“Lucidity’s engineers have tackled this problem head-on, ensuring that the lenses remain clear and free from obstruction even in the harshest of conditions,” he said.

Constructed with heavy-duty polycarbonate lenses, these lamps are not only durable but also Australian Design Rules (ADRs) approved and IP67 water/dust proof.

This means they can withstand daily use on the road, providing reliable illumination regardless of the weather or terrain.

Building on the success of the 22420 Series, Lucidity has also introduced the Watermelon Series LED Marker Lamps.

Available with clear lens and amber LEDs or red lens and red LEDs configurations, these marker lamps offer the same level of quality and reliability as their cab marker counterparts.

Featuring the same unique design to prevent moisture and dust build-up, the Watermelon Series is ADRs approved and IP67-rated, ensuring consistent performance in any environment.

“Like the 22420 Series, they also boast a retro design, dual voltage capability and a five-year warranty, making them a standout choice for discerning customers,” Jenkins said.

“Lucidity Australia’s 22420 Series LED Cab Marker Lamps and Watermelon Series LED Marker Lamps represent a significant advancement in automotive lighting technology.

“With their innovative design, robust construction, and commitment to quality, they are sure to set a new standard for cab and marker lamps in the industry.”

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