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Mass choice

New legislation can often create extra work for already busy operators, and it is no different with a recent roll-out of On-Board Mass (OBM) compliance rules in Victoria and, very soon, New South Wales.

On the bright side, it does offer up an opportunity to not just meet compliance requirements but can also increase efficiencies and safety aspects of operations. 

Airtec Operations Manager, Jake Gillingham, explains that the legislation means necessary data, such as load mass and driving routes and times, will be provided to governing bodies helping them manage things like safety and road maintenance across Australia. To do this, a smart OBM gauge needs to integrate with a telematics provider, which then filters data through to road managers.

Airtec has been working hard to ensure the switch is simple and efficient.

“For us, we want to provide a sensor option that is affordable and accurate so they can get as high to their payloads as possible, as well as tick the compliance box,” Jake says. 

The big difference Airtec offers, however, is it integrates with five different service providers across two product lines and is open to integrating with any organisations that are in sphere of transport telematics and are Transport Certification Australia (TCA) compliant. 

“Many operators would already have a telematics partner for other facets of their business such as fatigue management or route management,” Jakes says, adding that Airtec’s array of choice often means operators can stick with what they know and already use. “We want to give customers as much flexibility and as many options as possible. 

Within Airtec’s SmartOBM series, all versions are TCA Category B approved. Its newest addition to the series, the AXS meets industry demands and has features built in that save time, increase payload and support remote staff.

“Any SmartOBM sensor that we are selling at the moment is TCA approved, which we hope will help ease the transition over the next few months.”

Customers, Jake says, reach out to Airtec with various needs but sometimes, after an assessment, it turns out they only require a product update. For new fleets coming on board, he suggests they turn to the AXS SmartOBM. 

“It’s a product that is going to continually evolve,” he says. “Customers will get the full life out of the product as it evolves and integrates with emerging technologies.”

As far as making that final decision on which product to go with, Jake says it very much comes down to personal choice, with some choosing the stick with the original AXM/AXL version while getting support from Airtech to help them transition and update to newer technology. 

“We have an online order form that guides customers through the process, and it provides quotes based on their requirements and what combination they have,” Jake says. “We also have an in-person sales team here who can talk through the process and help find the right solution.”

Fast fact

The AXS is the smallest and most durable product in the Airtec range. With an IP66 rating, and at only 80mm in diameter, the reduced size makes mounting the sensor on trucks and trailers easier and it comes with specially designed protective mounting brackets. 

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