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Massive superload transfer shuts down roads in Illawarra

A 370 tonne gas turbine has been transferred to Yallah.

The 18 kilometre journey commencing at Port Kembla took six hours and required at least four Kenworth prime movers as part of a massive cross-agency effort.

Transport for NSW helped facilitate the transfer alongside heavy lift logistics contractors, Lampson, NSW Police, Regional Customer Network Coordination and Freight and Traffic Management Centre teams and traffic control provider Traffic Logistics, called it “one of the largest oversize and over mass freight transfers on the state’s roads.”

With a total combined mass of nearly 730 tonnes and length of 112 metres, the transfer was one of the biggest movements of its kind in the state.

Weight was disbursed across two trailers, with two trucks pulling, and two more pushing the turbine on its journey.

Sections of roads including the M1 Princes Motorway, Princes Highway, Five Islands Road and Springhill Road were temporarily closed for the convoy.

A Transport for NSW traffic commander and freight representative were on site, with Traffic Management Centre operators supporting remotely.

The gas turbine was moved in the early hours of Friday 27, May on its way to the site of Energy Australia’s new Tallawarra B Project near Lake Illawarra.

It’s the first of three oversize and over mass transfers to the Tallawarra B Project, with a generator and transformer to also make the journey later this year.

Tallawarra B Project will deliver Australia’s first hydrogen and gas capable power plant, with direct carbon emissions from the project offset over its operational life.

The project, once operational, is expected to deliver power to an additional 150,000 NSW homes ahead of the scheduled retirement of the Liddell power station in the summer of 2023-24.

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