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Migration door opens for Far North Qld operators seeking drivers

While peak bodies continue to lobby to have truck drivers higher up on the Skilled Occupations List to help plug the driver shortfall, there is already a migration avenue open for Far North Queensland and Townsville operators.

In a note it its members today, the Queensland Trucking Association reminded bosses of the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) for certain post codes in the state.

“It allows employers with vacancies they have been unable to fill in the specified occupations, to apply for a labour agreement to source migrant workers to fill the positions,” said the QTA.

The QTA says truck drivers and forklift drivers are all eligible under the FNQ DAMA and delivery drivers and truck drivers are included in the Townsville DAMA.

“This means that businesses operating in eligible FNQ or Townsville area postcodes, can apply for a labour agreement (valid up to 5 years) to source migrant workers for one or more positions in occupations included on the specified lists.”

“If an employer has their request endorsed by the Cairns Chamber of Commerce or Townsville Enterprise, they can apply to the Department of Home Affairs for the labour agreement.

“They then nominate the workers to fill the positions and the worker makes their visa application. Employers don’t have to have prospective workers in place when applying for the labour agreement.”

Employers can use their own avenues to source migrant workers through recruitment or migrant agencies, or other usual methods, however, there are costs and conditions involved in the process.

The QTA is now seeking interest from businesses based in, or have depot addresses in Townsville and Far North Queenland, to be involved in forming an industry specific Labour Agreement. Please complete this form to indicate your interest.

“Skilled migration is not the solution to our current shortages but it is an option that is available among others. This is a specific option available now for employers with operations in Townsville and FNQ.”


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