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Moits goes all out on trailers with BPW Transpec

New South Wales-based earthmoving company, Moits, has taken delivery of a total of 39 truck and dog combinations from Borcat now, and they’ve all been decked out with BPW Transpec components.

The latest five dog trailers in four-axle configurations continued this tradition.

The units arrived specified with BPW Transpec TS2 disc brakes, AL2 Suspension, Edbro hoists, Ringfeder couplings and for the first time in the fleet, aluminium hubs. Although Moits has never used this product before, Workshop Manager, George Saliba, says based on the fact alone that BPW Transpec is fitted on 80 per cent of his fleet (specified as standard on new trailer combinations) and have proven their abilities, he thought he would give it a try.

“We have never had an issue with BPW so we don’t need to worry about it,” he says. “We’ve acquired second-hand trucks with other axles on them, and I think that BPW has probably been the better out of them. We get a good life out of them and they’re easy to service and maintain.”

For 20 years, Moits has dealt with Borcat for its trailer combinations, and due to its standard BPW Transpec fitment, the components found their way on Moits’ builds.

“We generally use them through Borcat,” George says. “Originally Borcat used BPW years and years ago – they used to build their trailers with BPW axles. That’s where we started with it, and from then on, it’s pretty much carried on.”

Moits doesn’t run anything other than BPW Transpec disc brakes, and for trucks and trailers, George loves them.

“Disc brakes are the way we like to go,” he says. “I’ve been using them for years – I started with the ECOs and then went on from there. We never stopped using the disc brakes. They’ve been really good and I really can’t complain about them.”

When new models come out, George says BPW Transpec is even sending people out to conduct training on them. This eliminates potential issues down the track by allowing workers to become familiar with the product, and it’s why he and Moits have stuck with them over the years.

The alloy hubs in these new Borcat builds cater directly to increased payloads which George says is a huge focus in tipper work.

“It’s more about the weight, that was the reason we put them on,” he says. “With the aluminium hubs, I thought why not try it. We haven’t had any issue with any of BPW’s other products so I can’t see this one being any different.”

The same goes for the Edbro hoists, as they have proven to be a worthy choice in their past applications at Moits. And, after trying a series of different coupling setups, he’s found himself always going back to Ringfeder too which also made it on the new dogs.

“It’s a good product and we can service them,” he says. “We do most of our own servicing. Parts are available if need be, but generally we don’t have many issues with them.”

The advantage of selecting BPW Transpec George has found, over the years, is minimal to no breakdowns.

“From our point of view, the less we have to have breakdowns, the better it is for us,” he says. “But it also comes down to us servicing them as well, it’s got to be in there. If you don’t check it, anything’s going to break. If a brake or something locks on, it stops everything. But if it’s a minor breakdown, it’s just that. You might have a bit of an adjustment issue and you may just need to get a kit for it. But with BPW, we haven’t had that because they’re reliable.”

Since their arrival in the fleet, the five new Borcat trailers – and their BPW Transpec components – have performed effortlessly. George says in the area of Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) and Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), problems can arise. But not with BPW.

“There’s a lot of things that can go wrong, such as electrical issues or mechanical problems and needing parts”, he says, “but we haven’t had any issues. With the amount of BPW gear that we have on, it’s easy for us to keep these trailers on the road. Nothing goes wrong because the trucks have been on the road every day, and that’s what you need. They’re not making any money if they’re sitting here.”

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