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Mondiale VGL supports flood-impacted Lismore

Supply chain business, Mondiale VGL, has thanked its staff, customers and industry partners who have supported and contributed to the Lismore donation drive.

“As of yesterday, a full B-double truck arrived in Lismore with much needed goods for the local community devastated by the recent floods,” Mondiale VGL said in a statement.

“An incredible effort and result by the industry – well done to all.”

Lismore is a city in New South Wales with a proud heritage that involves river trade, timber and agriculture. It has served as a regional centre since the 1890s although the importance of the river lessened as road transport improved post 1940s.

It is this close proximity to Wilsons River and heavy rainfall from the surroundings hills that exacerbates the flooding events which took their toll on the Lismore community in 1954 and 1974.

Since that time the government has engaged in studies to address the flood issues which led to the purchase of land at Goonellabah to limit floodplain zone growth through planning schemes.

One study ended by stating it would be difficult to construct a levee system for Lismore however in 1999 a government funded scheme to protect the Central Business District (CBD) and South Lismore from a one-in-10-year flood event was approved.

The Lismore flood levee in March 2017 was overtopped for the first time which caused damage to the community. It was this incident that prompted the launch of the Flood Ready project to plan ahead for natural disasters.

Alongside emergency services, agencies and groups, the Lismore Flood Ready Plan provides a framework on how to be prepared and resilient before, during and after a natural disaster.

A natural disaster and subsequent flood on 28 February 2022 in Lismore reportedly caused untold physical, social and emotional damage to communities in the affected areas.

Lismore City Council, in response to this, released a discussion paper earlier this month to address how to build back better. Some of the salient points include planned retreats, protection and flood mitigation measures, investigations into expanding the Goonellabah industrial precinct and assuring affordable housing by way of a scheme.

“This discussion paper will be out there for six weeks and we encourage businesses, landowners and the general community to have a look and to gives us their feedback,” said Lismore City Council General Manager, John Walker.

Last month the NSW Government announced it would establish a new body – the Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation (NRRC) – to lead the long-term reconstruction of Lismore’s flood impacted community.

“A single coordinated approach means a faster process in approving our housing and social infrastructure which is key to our flood recovery,” said Lismore City Council Mayor, Steve Krieg.

“It also creates greater certainty for our community as we recover from this natural disaster.

“The new corporation will have the power to acquire or subdivide land, and speed up and fast-track new buildings and planning proposals, which is exactly what our community wants and needs.”

In April, the Lismore Flood Fund was granted tax deductibility status from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). As of 29 April this Fund had raised $1.1 million from donations received from Australia and overseas.

Krieg said this tax deductibility means the council can focus on the distribution of the donations.

“The response to our Flood Fund Appeal has been overwhelming with donations coming in from all over the country, and now everyone can claim their donation as a tax deduction,” he said.

“This now means our Flood Fund Committee can continue to build a clear and transparent process for funds to be allocated in a timely way,” he said.

“We’ve been very careful in how we’ve set up our Fund, so that we can build the best process for distributing the donations we have received.

“Under our Fund Rules, we can not only support those directly impacted by the natural disaster, but also to consider help boost the amazing work being done by community groups working on the ground.”

In other news an access route for B-doubles was established to support Lismore and surrounding areas.

Last year, Mondiale VGL acquired the largest international freight forwarder in South Australia.

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