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New body to deliver Victoria’s transport infrastructure projects

A new entity will form to deliver Victoria’s major transport infrastructure projects.

It has been revealed that the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) and the Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA) will come together to become the Victorian Infrastructure Delivery Authority (VIDA).

As part of the arrangement, VIDA will be responsible for delivering Victoria’s transport infrastructure program as well as a crucial health infrastructure program.

This work will include more than 200 projects such as the Metro Tunnel, North East Link and removing level crossings.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us to join the transport infrastructure program and share our collective expertise under one united infrastructure delivery agency,” said VHBA CEO, Megan Bourke-O’Neil.

“As we continue to deliver an unprecedented infrastructure program and crucial health services, we’re evolving the way we work to best deliver projects that produce the best value and outcomes for Victorians.”

The Victorian Government said the creation of VIDA recognises the importance of delivering critical projects across the transport and health portfolios.

It will bring together skillsets from both industries, allowing expertise and experience to be shared across all of these major projects.

“This change will create a bigger pool of skilled people that can work together across a diverse range of big projects, ensuring that operations are streamlined and efficient – also delivering an even better result for Victorians,” the Victorian Government said.

VIDA will be comprised of four project offices – Major Road Projects Victoria, Level Crossing Removal Project, the Metro Tunnel and the Victorian Health Building Authority, overseen by Director-General, Kevin Devlin.

Under the changes, Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) will become the Metro Tunnel Project as it focuses on testing and commissioning ahead of its opening in 2025, while the Regional Rail Revival and Melbourne Airport Rail will transfer to the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) to focus on project development and delivery.

Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Danny Pearson, will remain responsible for the delivery of transport infrastructure.

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