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New Cummins in the DAF XG+

In this video, we get to hear the sound of the new Cummins in the DAF XG+. This new engine from Cummins, the X15D looks to be game changer for the engine maker, coming in lighter and smaller than it’s predecessor, the X 15, and opens up a number of new possibilities for Cummins in the applications where it can be fitted.

These two examples of videos have been made of the evaluation vehicles which are currently running around in Australia. At the moment DAF is gauging the reception the new truck will get from operators around the country and is seeing how it performs in real working conditions before its release later this year.

This driver shows us his truck and lets us listen to the sound of the engine. He tells us that the transmission is an 18 speed AMT. This may be the case, however the likelihood is that the engine will be offered with a 16 speed AMT from ZF, as well as, potentially, being offered with the Eaton Endurant XD 18 speed, which has proved to be successful in the Kenworth, K220.


There appears to be a number of these XG+s evaluation models scattered in various fleets around the country as there have been several reported sightings of these trucks on our highways in the last few months.

There has been a lot of interest in the XG+ and it’s introduction this year, after its initial unveiling at the Brisbane Truck Show last year. The truck will offer the best of both worlds for Australian trucking operators, in that there is no denying our love for the red engine in our trucks and Cummins has become somewhat of an institution within the Australian trucking industry.

At the same time, this extended cabin from DAF utilises changes in European dimension regulations to enable a cab design which can be used around the world to offer the high level of comfort we come to expect from European cabins, plus the extra room that is preferred by Australian truck drivers.


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