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NHVR begins national fatigue operation

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is partnering with police across the country to conduct a national operation to combat fatigue-related heavy vehicle accidents this holiday season.

Operation Forager will commence today and will run for four weeks across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

The joint operation is being run to raise greater awareness about the importance of managing fatigue when driving, as well as to provide information across the heavy vehicle industry in regard to on-road compliance and staying safe on the roads during the busy holiday period.

NHVR CEO, Sal Petroccitto, said the NHVR is reminding drivers to ensure they are well rested before setting out on their journey this holiday season.

“While the holiday season is a fantastic time for families and holidaymakers, more road users mean it’s critical for heavy vehicle drivers to be extra cautious,” he said.

“We know we have fantastic drivers and operators doing the right thing, so we need them to keep up the good work by practicing safe behaviours, like focusing on rest, taking meal breaks and looking after themselves on the road.”

Petroccitto recommends taking a break when experiencing the five signs of fatigue on the road – inattention, irregular body movements, erratic vehicle movements, dull sensory alertness or poor concentration.

“Drivers may be impaired even when complying with work and rest limits,” he said.

“So, even if you’re within your work and rest parameters, if you’re feeling the effects of fatigue this holiday season, it’s important to rest.”

As part of the operation, NHVR COO, Paul Salvati, said NHVR on-road officers will be patrolling locations frequented by long haul intrastate and interstate heavy vehicles across the country.

“With the road toll in almost every state and territory still too high, the safety of all drivers on the road is our number one priority,” he said.

“As part of our inform, educate and enforce approach we are working with industry to raise better awareness of the extreme risk that fatigue presents.”

In other news, DHL Supply Chain has been appointed by a major global manufacturer to manage its growing warehousing and logistics requirements in Australia.

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