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NHVR investigates engine remapping compliance issue

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and Queensland Police Service (QPS) last week entered the premises of a Sunshine Coast based transport company to investigate the company’s compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

NHVR and QPS identified evidence of engine remapping, which meant emissions controls and speed limiting systems were not operating in accordance with the Australian Design Rules.

Defect notices were issued for the relevant vehicles and a direction has been given to the operator to remedy the issues while investigations are ongoing.

NHVR Executive Director Statutory Compliance, Ray Hassall, said that engine remapping was a serious offence that put other drivers and road users in danger.

“Emissions controls help to prevent harm to both human health and the environment, while standards are set to control speed of heavy vehicles to reduce the risk to drivers and the public generally,” said Hassall.

“Operating in a compliant way makes our industry safer, levels the playing field and lets us all focus on the important job that truck drivers have to do.”

Parties in the chain of responsibility, including operators of heavy vehicles have a duty imposed to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable the safety of their transport activities.

NHVR is continuing to work with the operator to ensure compliance with the ADR and its primary duty under the HVNL.

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