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NHVR releases footage of ‘world-first’ Rollover Stability Control testing

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has shared the results of its Rollover Stability Control (RSC) testing on an A-double combination.

The testing was recently conducted during a rigorous four-day program, where NHVR Chief Engineer, Les Bruzsa, provided technical oversight while a specialised A-double was subjected to high-speed dynamic manoeuvres used in Performance-Based Standards (PBS) assessments.

The project showcased the significant safety improvements that RSC technology can offer upon implementation.

“The project provided invaluable real-world data to support the NHVR’s engineering capabilities and initiatives, inform modern regulatory practices, drive development of the PBS scheme and contribute towards a safer future for all road users,” the NHVR said.

“The successful trial marks a landmark achievement in heavy vehicle engineering and safety, demonstrating the game-changing benefits that RSC technology can provide to heavy vehicles.”

In other news, two rest areas on the Silver City Highway in New South Wales have received major upgrades for the convenience of freight operators and motorists.

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