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No sticking loads with QuickSilver truck liners

Automated retractable tarping system specialist PowerTarps installs between two to four QuickSilver truck liners in a week between its Sydney and Melbourne workshops.

One of the most consistent feedback the team receives from its clients is that the QuickSilver truck lining system is durable and offers super slick release without the need for any release additives.

“The QuickSilver truck liners are engineered specifically for intense bulk handling applications and are capable of hauling and tipping any material with ease,” says Terry Pitsis, PowerTarps founding director and system designer.

“The specially formulated UHMW-PE continuous liner weighs less than both steel and aluminium and out wears both. The abrasion and corrosion resistant material immensely increases the integrity of the original equipment, extending the life of the truck body for years. The premium UHMW-PE formula prevents loads from sticking and ensures dump clean without carry backs. “Reduced turn-around time means more loads per day.”

Authorised businesses like PowerTarps can fit the QuickSilver truck lining system in less than a day on trailers of any configuration. QuickSilver liners require no ongoing maintenance and are suited for application on new or old equipment.

“QuickSilver liners are both tough and durable and they help increase the long-term lifespan of trailers compared to other liners in the market. This eliminates huge replacement costs for operators and ends up costing much less in the long run,” Terry says.

“They really are a great long-term investment. PowerTarps is a one-stop shop for all truck and trailer tarps and cover needs. The installation of QuickSilver truck liners fits in very well with our work and our team finds that the application is consistent across all trailer types whether we are using four-metre liners or 14-metre-long liners. A lot of the new equipment we handle are fitted with truck liners and QuickSilver is undoubtedly the most superior product in the market today. In terms of the material, it is easy and safe to work with. There are no nasty ingredients that can be toxic. The continuous liner format is available in 31m length and 3.050m width, and thicknesses of 9.5mm and 12.7mm.”

The versatility of the QuickSilver linings systems is another aspect that the team at PowerTarps appreciates. The QuickSilver systems are ideal for tipper bodies / dump trailers, bottom dumps, gravel trains, chutes, transfer dumps, hoppers and more. The liners have proven their capabilities in across a wide range of applications including bulk handling, mining and minerals handling, agriculture and grain handling, and all other tipper and transport applications.

“The feedback I’m getting from the customers is that they’re all very happy with the product,” Terry says. “From an efficiency point of view if you had materials stuck at the front of the bin, they could be carrying that material backwards and forwards on the same job all day. The fact that everything falls out the tipper and there is no material stuck in any corner, means that operators can get efficiency benefits with fewer trips, and drivers don’t have to waste time getting the material dislodged from the bins.”

Established in 2001, PowerTarps is a family owned and operated business with its headquarters in Sydney.

PowerTarps has designed an automated system for covering loads alleviating the need for drivers to physically climb onto the back of their trucks, reducing the risk of driver injury and improving productivity. Apart from its retractable tipper cover manufacturing unit, the company has full workshop facilities in Sydney to carry out installations and repair work.

PowerTarps is also working to re-establish the brand in the Victorian market, with Terry working with the Melbourne team, managing operations and training the team to be on a par with the Sydney counterparts. In a short space of time the Melbourne team has already worked on a wide range of top systems and floor liner installation jobs with excellent turnaround times.

E-Plas was one of Terry’s first engineering plastics suppliers when he started developing the proprietary PowerTarps solution. What started as just an idea on a beer coaster went on to become a great product that is solving problems for operators.

“The team at E-Plas helped us a lot in choosing the correct material, sharing tips and techniques on how to machine the material and how to clip it to make a great finished product,” he says. “It’s been an ongoing relationship and we’re very happy with their service, particularly here in Melbourne. E-Plas has a very reliable supply chain and they even hold the stock for us, which is not very common in the plastic supply industry. Their response time is phenomenal. With other suppliers you could sometimes be waiting for days for a response but with E-Plas we get a response to any inquiry within the hour.”

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