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Nolan family unveil special trailer to promote a cause close to their hearts

The Nolan family know all too well about the devastating effects of cancer. In 2014, then-owner of Nolan’s Interstate Transport, Terry Nolan, lost his seven-year battle with renal cell cancer.

His son Darren has also battled renal cell cancer. He took the reins of the family business following his father’s passing, alongside his brother Adrian (better known by his nickname, Flea).

Nolan’s Interstate Transport has now partnered with Icon Cancer Foundation to help drive home the importance of cancer research.

Icon Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that works with Icon Cancer Centre’s national network of doctors and healthcare professionals to fund their vital cancer research.

On Friday, May 31, Nolan’s unveiled the special new trailer that will join its truck fleet in support of Icon Cancer Foundation.

The stunning new Kenworth takes the important cancer message on the road along the eastern seaboard. Image: Icon Cancer Foundation

Both Terry and Darren have had very personal ties with Icon Cancer Centre, as it’s where they both underwent their cancer treatment.

Terry, who was a research patient on a clinical trial during his treatment, was a generous supporter of the Icon Cancer Foundation too. And now his family are continuing that legacy.

“As a family, we really wanted to give back to an organisation that has helped us and others. Terry never felt like he was just another number, and everyone at Icon were extremely caring during his cancer treatment,” said Flea’s wife, Sandie Nolan.

“We believe if we can help with funds for Icon Cancer Foundation to continue with their research and clinical trials, it may just help give cancer patients and their families some hope or at least a little bit of extra time to spend together.”

Icon’s community and partnerships manager Leanne Hardyman. Image: Icon Cancer Foundation

Icon Cancer Foundation manager Leanne Hardyman said increased funding and awareness of the foundation will help its investment in research at Icon’s cancer centres across Australia, helping to contribute to breakthroughs and advancements in cancer treatments.

“We are extremely thankful to have the support of the Nolan family. Their generous support is vital in funding and raising awareness of our research,” Hardyman said.

“The reality is cancer touches the lives of many people. Research is crucial to enhancing patient survival and quality of life, and while progress has been made, there’s still a long way to go.

“At the foundation, we are working to accelerate our clinical trials and research program. We want to be at the forefront of research, bringing hope to patients living with cancer now and in the future.”

The truck and trailer will be used to deliver goods along the eastern seaboard.

For more information about Icon Cancer Foundation, visit


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