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NSW mobile phone detection cameras to enforce seatbelt laws

Wearing a seatbelt will be enforced by existing mobile phone detection cameras in NSW from July 1.

According to the NSW government, this is in response to the rising number of road fatalities across the state.

Correctly wearing a seatbelt while in a moving vehicle has been a legal requirement in NSW for more than 50 years, but data shows 150 people died while not wearing one in the five years between 2019 and 2023.

On average, 15 per cent of deaths on NSW roads every year still involve seatbelt non-usage, with 36 people tragically lost last year.

“Seatbelts save lives, it’s as simple as that. Wearing a seatbelt doubles a person’s chance of survival in a car crash and the NSW Government is doing everything we can to make sure the simplest safety feature in a car is being used by everyone,” said Minister for Roads John Graham.

“It has been a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt in NSW since 1971 and it is frankly disturbing that a small minority of people are still not heeding the message. If camera enforcement can convince those people to buckle up we can reduce the 15 per cent of deaths that involve a belt not being worn.”

By enhancing the capabilities of the state’s mobile phone detection camera network, the cameras will also be enforcing the seatbelt laws for the first time.

Unlike when other new enforcement technologies have come into effect, there will be no grace period of warning letters after the NSW Parliament voted against starting seatbelt detection cameras in warning mode when enabling legislation was passed last year.

“Camera enforcement will be a significant step to reducing needless trauma on the roads that comes at the cost of families, loved ones and the first responders who routinely deal with unimaginable tragedy,” Graham added.

“I am glad to announce the July 1 start date to seatbelt camera enforcement as we remember road trauma victims during National Road Safety Week.”

Photos released from testing of the cameras show a small but persistent percentage of drivers and some passengers continue to wear their seatbelt incorrectly, including with the sash below the arm.

The NSW government says that all money raised by seatbelt cameras will go back into road safety.

Enforcement of seatbelt laws will extend from urban through to regional areas.

As Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Jenny Aitchison said, “Driving in the country brings with it different challenges to city driving – longer distances are often covered on higher speed roads and we know that although country residents make up about a third of the NSW population they sadly make up around two thirds of deaths on NSW roads.

“The start of enforcement of seatbelt non-compliance by our mobile phone detection camera program will also reach regional roads – nobody is above the law and we want to see every single person wear a seatbelt and wear it correctly every single trip.  We cannot overestimate how important wearing a seatbelt is to saving your life if the worst happens and you’re in a crash.”


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